Tips On Making Neem Oil Plant Spray

Neem oil spray works on Croton plants

Neem oil is an extract of Azadirachta indica, which has some interesting characteristics. The oil serves as an effective insecticide with both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The primary active chemical,

Is Neem Oil Safe For Vegetables?

is neem safe to use on vegetables?

Growing your own produce (vegetables) is both rewarding and time-consuming. The latter usually happens because you don’t want to use harmful pesticides in the garden. Instead, you might use complimentary

Horticultural Oil Vs Neem Oil: What’s The Difference?

Horticultural oil label

Two of the most popular natural pest solutions are horticultural oil and neem oil. Both oils have similar effects and uses, there are some important differences make one better than the other in certain situations. This articles looks at the differences.

What Does Neem Oil Do To Ants?

does neem oil kill ants

Why use Neem oil on ants? When ants can be beneficial to a garden by aerating soil and improving drainage. They even kill many common pests and eat fungus infecting plants. Ants can also be problematic, with some species feeding on the leaves themselves. Will Neem control ants?

How Often Can You Spray Plants With Neem Oil?

holes in plant leaves - would neem kill the pests

Neem Oil – How often can you use neem on plants? In general, use Neem as a preventative every 2 to 3 weeks. It helps protect beneficial insects from coming into contact with this natural insecticide. The article looks at how often to use Neem pesticide.

Does Neem Oil Kill Tomato Worms? Is it Safe?

can neem oil control tomato hornworms

Have you used Neem oil on your tomato plants? Have you wondered if natural organic neem pesticide remedy will work on the tomato hornworms as well? Click on this article to learn about tomato hornworms and neem oil.

How Much Neem Oil To A Gallon Of Water?

How much Neem per gallon?

Neem oil is a popular natural pesticide and want to know “How much Neem oil per gallon of water?” It depends if the solution is applied as a spray or a drench. This article looks at how much Neem per gallon.

How Do You Use Neem Oil On Houseplants?

Neem oil for house plants

Neem Oil on Houseplants is a product for natural pest control indoors and generally non-toxic to humans and animals. Click on this article for details on using Neem on House plants.

Using Neem Oil To Clean Plant Leaves

Wiping leaves with neem oil to clean plant leaves

Even the most dedicated plant enthusiasts sometimes forget that their houseplants are living, breathing creatures and could use a little extra TLC. One of the most common issues that an

Does Neem Oil Kill Fungus Gnats?

Yellow sticky tape full of fungus gnats

Few pests are as annoying as house fungus gnats. Houseplant owners are often frustrated with these tiny flying pests on their plants. In the past, there was little you could do. Now you have Neem oil. Click on this article to learn more on how to use neem oil for fungus gnats control.

Can You Use Neem Oil On Hibiscus?

Neem oil safe for Hibiscus

Treating pests on Hibiscus trees with Neem is generally safe, some plants may be oversensitive. We look at how to use Neem oil on Hibiscus. Click on this article for tips on using neem sprays and drenches on Hibiscus plants.

Does Neem Oil Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles?

Using neem oil to control Japanese beetles

The scarab Japanese Beetle with its voracious appetite can be a real problem in the garden. Click on this article for tips on how Neem OIl can help control Japanese Beetle infestations.

How To Use Neem Oil For Controlling Lace Bugs

lace bug feeding on leaf

Control lace bugs using neem oil persticide sprays. Neem kill these common plant eaters from sucking the plant juice from the foliage, leaving yellow spots. Their upper body has a transparent covering.

Does Neem Oil Kill Squash Bugs?

squash bugs feeding on plants

Sap drinking squash bugs pierce the leaf surface of a plant and drain its fluids. This can cause leaves to dry and fall off, as well as attacking the fruit itself. Does Neem Oil control squash bugs? Click on this article to learn more about using Neem Oil to control squash bugs. [DETAILS]

Does Neem Oil Work As A Fungicide?

Gardener spraying plants for fungus with Neem oil

Neem oil is the go-to natural insecticide in most parts of the world due to its minimal effect on the environment and low to nonexistent toxicity for humans and pets.

Neem Oil For Aphids Feeding On Plants

Spraying plant and flowers infected by many green aphids. No pesticide, made with water, neem oil

Created from Indian lilac (Azadirachta indica) seeds, neem oil pesticides have earned a reputation as one of the toughest natural remedies against common plant pests available. Even its byproduct, neem

What Bugs Does Neem Oil Kill?

Neem oil kill many types of garden bugs

If you grow plants you’ve heard people raving about the benefits of using neem oil. It’s used as a pesticide and for general plant care, such as neem cake fertilizing

Can You Use Neem Oil For Roses Pests?

Spraying roses with neem oil

Roses are not only attractive to humans but also pests and diseases. Many homeowners like going the natural route using products like neem oil. But can you use Neem oil

Does Neem Oil Kill Caterpillars?

Caterpillars on leaves

Caterpillars can be a big problem for organic gardeners. Depending upon the type of caterpillar, they can destroy ornamental plants, vegetables, and even shrubs and trees. While it’s possible to

How To Apply Neem Oil To Soil As A Drench

man using neem oil as a soil drench

Neem oil is an extremely useful “natural insecticide” coming from the nuts of the Neem tree.  The oil contains a naturally pesticidal compound called Azadirachtin, which is extremely useful for