How To Naturally Get Rid Of Root Aphids

root aphids feeding on hydroponic grown roots

Root aphids harm plants, introduce more pests and fungus, and reproduce fast. Killing them off with pesticides works. But, this treatment can make the diseased plant’s ecosystem worse by killing

Will Diatomaceous Earth Kill Earwigs?

Diatomaceous earth will kill Earwigs that make up the insect order Dermaptera. With about 2,000 species in 12 families, they are one of the smaller insect orders.

Despite being relatively harmless, earwigs aka pincher bug (forficula auricularia) are unwelcome guests in your home. They can kill off houseplants and are a general nuisance. If you are trying

How To Use Diatomaceous Earth In Potted Plants

Bag of Diatomaceous earth gardeners use as a soil amendment and as a pesticide in potted plants.

Diatomaceous earth is a natural, safe choice for many home gardeners. We share how to use diatomaceous earth in potted plants. Millions of people around the world use DE to control cockroaches, ants, mites, fleas, earwigs, crickets, centipedes, pillbugs, beetles, fungus gnat larvae, and other garden pests. [DETAILS]

How To Get Rid Of Cabbage Aphids

The larva of the scarlet flies eats aphids on the cabbage. Natural enemy of aphids, useful garden insect destroying the population of pests

Cabbage aphids (Brevicoryne brassicae) are small, gray-green insect pests that feed on certain types of plants, known as brassicas. They can cause significant damage to crops and tend to attack

How Do Aphids Farm Ants?

Ants taking care of aphids

Aphids are small insects that feed on green leafy plants. An aphid colony can destroy a garden, and unfortunately, they tend to attract colonies of ants. Anyone who has dealt

Aphids On Roses Home Remedy

Aphids feeding on a beautiful rose bud

You’ve heard of aphids and probably even seen one of these garden pests at some point. But did you know they also attack roses? The term aphid can relate to

How To Use Castile Soap For Aphids

Pure Castile soap spray are one of the basics in a homemade insecticidal soap spray

Gardening is a wonderful and productive hobby. But it can be frustrating to watch the fruits of your labor get destroyed by pests.  When that happens, you have to make

How To Control Black Bean Aphids

Aphid colony Aphis fabae

Aphidoidea, or aphids, are small insects that feed by sucking on plant sap. These soft-bodied creatures are “true bugs” because they are equipped with a specialized mouth solely to withdraw

How To Get Rid Of Gnats With Dawn Dish Soap

Use Dawn Dish soap to get rid of gnats

Many refer to any small, pesky, flying insects as gnats. Often, these pests are gnats and sometimes flies. Either way, they are burdensome to have in the home.  Luckily, there

Does Neem Oil Kill Caterpillars?

Caterpillars on leaves

Caterpillars can be a big problem for organic gardeners. Depending upon the type of caterpillar, they can destroy ornamental plants, vegetables, and even shrubs and trees. While it’s possible to

How To Get Rid Of Caterpillars On Plants Naturally

caterpillars feeding on leaf

As any gardener knows, caterpillars can equal disaster for an otherwise healthy plant. Caterpillars have a voracious appetite, munching on leaves, vegetables, and flowers. Until there’s nothing left. If you

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Hornworms?

Leaves of Tomato being devoured by Hornworm

Will Diatomaceous Earth kill hornworms? The fact is, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) can be effective as one of many organic pest control tools used against hornworms. But, it is not effective

How To Make Garlic Spray For Plant Pests

Thumb presses on fresh garlic dispenser

Can you use a garlic spray for pests? A popular part of folklore, it was believed the pungent smell of garlic confused the noses of vampires, lycanthropes, and other creatures

How To Kill Aphids On Petunias

Petunia bloom with Aphids

So you want to get rid of aphids on petunias? For the most part, petunias grow without facing significant challenges from pests. As with other things, there are exceptions to