Types of Aphids: What Do They Eat In Your Garden?

One of the many types of aphids feeding on plants

The many types of aphids known as “greenfly” or “blackfly” are sap-sucking insects, live for about a month and can do lots of damage. This article looks at the many types of aphids attacking your garden and landscape.

Will Sevin Spray Kill Aphids?

Sevin powder and spray for garden pests control

Have you noticed a sticky black substance on your plants, mottled and yellowed leaves, and a sudden stunted growth? All are signs of an aphid infestation. The many species of

Homemade Garlic Spray for Aphids

A homemade garlic spray for aphids starts with several cloves

Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects that feed on plant fluids. They have long slender mouthparts they insert in stems and leaves and suck out fluids. Aphids attack common garden plants

Neem Oil For Aphids Feeding On Plants

Spraying plant and flowers infected by many green aphids. No pesticide, made with water, neem oil

Created from Indian lilac (Azadirachta indica) seeds, neem oil pesticides have earned a reputation as one of the toughest natural remedies against common plant pests available. Even its byproduct, neem

How To Kill Black Aphids

Black aphids feeding in the corner of a leaf

If you have any number of plants in your home or outdoors and have not experienced any pest problems, consider yourself lucky. If you have had your share of little

How To Naturally Get Rid Of Root Aphids

root aphids feeding on hydroponic grown roots

Root aphids harm plants, introduce more pests and fungus, and reproduce fast. Killing them off with pesticides works. But, this treatment can make the diseased plant’s ecosystem worse by killing

How To Get Rid Of Cabbage Aphids

The larva of the scarlet flies eats aphids on the cabbage. Natural enemy of aphids, useful garden insect destroying the population of pests

Cabbage aphids (Brevicoryne brassicae) are small, gray-green insect pests that feed on certain types of plants, known as brassicas. They can cause significant damage to crops and tend to attack

How Do Aphids Farm Ants?

Ants taking care of aphids

Aphids are small insects that feed on green leafy plants. An aphid colony can destroy a garden, and unfortunately, they tend to attract colonies of ants. Anyone who has dealt

How To Use Castile Soap For Aphids

Pure Castile soap spray are one of the basics in a homemade insecticidal soap spray

Gardening is a wonderful and productive hobby. But it can be frustrating to watch the fruits of your labor get destroyed by pests.  When that happens, you have to make

How To Control Black Bean Aphids

Aphid colony Aphis fabae

Aphidoidea, or aphids, are small insects that feed by sucking on plant sap. These soft-bodied creatures are “true bugs” because they are equipped with a specialized mouth solely to withdraw