Will Sevin Spray Kill Aphids?

Have you noticed a sticky black substance on your plants, mottled and yellowed leaves, and a sudden stunted growth? All are signs of an aphid infestation.

The many species of Aphids are one of the most common and frustrating infestations in a garden because these insects attack such a wide range of plants.

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Control and prevent aphid infestations by early detection. Otherwise, they can destroy your plants and crops.

How Can I Protect My Garden From Aphids?

There are several ways to protect your garden from an infestation of aphids, both organic and pesticide.

The most effective prevention is an environment suited for the natural predators of aphids. Natural enemies or beneficial insects like ladybugs, aka lady beetles, syrphid fly larvae (Hoverflies) and green lace wings hunt and feed on menacing garden aphids.

They will happily feed on the aphids, but the ants drawn to the aphids’ honeydew will protect the aphids. It is natural for the ants to protect the source of their food.

So the ladybird and lacewings can do their jobs, ensure no ant colonies are infesting your garden. Set up ant baits and drench the mounds as needed.

Planting dandelion, mint, fennel, and dill around your garden will attract ladybirds and lacewings. Also, the smell of growing garlic and onion keeps the aphids away.

For more organic solutions against aphids, apply pesticide oils such as Neem oil. They also wipe out ants often found on plants that aphids have infested.

Chemical pesticides generally act in a certain way:

  • The leaves absorb the chemical
  • The chemical transfers to the leaf
  • The aphids attack the leaves
  • The aphids make contact with the chemical
  • The aphids die

Long-lasting and systemic pesticides eradicate aphid populations from your garden.

Aphids can do severe damage to or even kill your plant. During the plant growth phase, the aphids’ population multiplies exponentially. So it is important to act and get rid of aphids at the first signs of infestation.

Not all insecticides are capable of managing an aphids infestation. Sevin brand insecticide has been available for decades and works if you opt to go the chemical insecticide route.

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How Does Sevin Work For Aphid Control?

Read the label thoroughly to ensure:

  • The product you have in hand is effective against an aphid infestation
  • You understand the method of applying for the best results

Sevin insecticide comes in 3 forms.

Sevin Insect Killer Ready To Use simplifies spot treatments. Spray the spots with aphid masses. The nozzle allows you to control the width of the spray for ease and accuracy. Make sure to spray the undersides of leaves.

Sevin Insect Killer Concentrate allows you to treat larger areas using a pump-style sprayer. Or refill a spray bottle and spread the concentrate in your garden on the infested spots.

Sevin Insect Killer Ready To Spray attaches to your garden hose to apply with a spray of water on the whole garden. This way, you can reach plants with a hidden infestation or with fewer aphids.

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