How To Grow Pothos In Water

The Pothos with a Natural Light in the Morning Summer Day

Growing pothos in water is easy as long as the plant gets the right amount of indirect light, water and nutrients. This task does not require much in the way

How To Grow And Care For Hoya Macrophylla Variegata

Macrophylla Variegata Hoya foliage

The Hoya Macrophylla variegata is one of the longest-lived and easiest to maintain houseplants. They’re known for their large waxy leaves, low-maintenance, and visual appeal.  The Hoya Macrophylla [HOY-yuh] [mak-roh-FIL-uh]

Hoya Carnosa Variegata Growing and Care

The fleshy variegated leaves of Hoya carnosa (hoya carnosa variegata) on a dark background. Beautiful tropical plant detail.

The Hoya Carnosa (HOY-a)(kar-NO-suh) is a tropical evergreen that comes in multiple variants. One variety is Hoya Carnosa Variegata that is grown as an indoor houseplant in hanging baskets and

How To Grow And Care For Marble Queen Pothos

Leaves of Marble Queen Pothos

The Marble Queen Pothos is a low maintenance plant belonging to the hardy pothos family (Epipremnum aureum). Pothos are famous for their tender leathery leaves, vibrant green color, and undemanding

How To Get Rid of Mealybugs on African Violets

Long-tailed mealybug, Pseudococcus longispinus (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) is the dangerous pest of different plants

African Violets are one of the most popular small indoor plants that produce beautiful flowers. They can also be grown outdoors, depending on the climate.  Their common name originates from

How To Grow And Care For Cebu Blue Pothos

Hanging Basket of Cebu Blue Pothos

Cebu Blue Pothos aka Epipremnum pinnatum (ep-ih-PREM-num pin-NAY-tum) is an interesting Pothos variety. It features shiny, silver/blue leaves that exhibit a slight sheen under just the right light. This evergreen

Caring For Pothos Pearls and Jade Plant

Little Pearls and Jade Pothos potted plant

Epipremnum aureum (ep-ih-PREM-num AW-re-um), often referred to as devil’s ivy or the pothos plant. It is a member of the Araceae family that’s produced many cultivars. One of these cultivars

Is The Rubber Plant Poisonous?

Variegated rubber plant - is it toxic?

The rubber tree, or Ficus elastica, is a popular decorative household plant. It’s hardy and grows well indoors thanks to a number of features:  Low light tolerance Limited water needs

How To Grow Hoya Obovata Plants

Flowering Hoya obovata sitting near a window

Native to Fiji, India, Indonesia, and Thailand, Hoya obovata (HOY-a ob-oh-VAY-tuh) is a striking addition to your Hoya collection. Hoya obovata has vibrant red and white flowers and rich, sometimes

How To Grow and Care For Peperomia Napoli Nights

Attractive leaves of Peperomia Napoli Nights

The Peperomia Napoli Nights (pronounced pep-er-ROH-mee-uh NA-poh-lee) comes from the huge Piperaceae plant family (Peperomia) of over 1,000 ornamental plants. Peperomia plants originate from the Amazon basin in South America.

How To Grow And Care For The Neon Pothos

potted table top neon pothos

Neon Pothos (pronounced poe-thaws) is a common houseplant known for its hardiness and stunning leaf color. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) comes from French Polynesia. It thrives on islands such as Tahiti

Is The Schefflera Plant Poisonous?

Variegated Schefflera growing in a container

Schefflera arboricola is a popular houseplant and member of the family Araliaceae. The botanical name is Brassaia arboricola. It is also known as: Australian Ivy Palm Dwarf Umbrella tree Dwarf

Is The Dracaena Plant Poisonous or Toxic?

Lemon Lime Dracaena

Dracaena is a common houseplant. The many Dracaena varieties go by several common names, including:  Cornstalk Plant Ribbon Plant Dragon Tree Corn Plant Is The Dracaena Plant Poisonous or Toxic?

Is The Bromeliad Plant Poisonous?

Assortment of Bromeliad plants

The Bromeliaceae family is a diverse group of 75 genera and approximately 3,590 species. The most famous members of the family include pineapple, air plants, and Spanish moss. Many bromeliad