10 Top Coffee Table Plants

Coffee Table Plants

Coffee table plants beautify your inside space and provide other benefits like cleaner indoor air. In addition, one study indicated that some plants encourage the release of serotonin in humans,

Bedroom Plants: Which Ones Are The Best?

bedroom with snake plants

It’s always nice to have plants in the house. The greenery adds color and comfort to any setting, but did you know that keeping bedroom plants is especially desirable? The

30 House Plants Safe For Cats

echeveria succulent and guzmania bromeliad both cat safe houseplants

As pet owners, we focus on the well-being of our furry friends, especially when it comes to the plants in our homes. Cat owners face the challenge of ensuring their

Best Indoor Plants For Apartments

planter of houseplants in an apartment window

Living in an apartment or dorm can pose some interesting issues for those wanting houseplants to bring a little nature indoors. The space doesn’t allow for lots of big plants,

35 of the Best Indoor Plants For Your Home!

collection of the best indoor plants

NASA recommends adding indoor plants to your home environment to help clean the air and overall improve indoor air quality. Common sense will tell you that having living plants in

Houseplants That Handle Cooler Temperatures

Winter is a beautiful season, but the cold temperatures can be a little hard on indoor plants. No need to despair, though. There are many varieties of plants for cold rooms that

Best Indoor Plants For The Office

indoor plants

Adding healthy air-purifying plants to your office setting enhances to visual appeal and can add an element of privacy in shared office spaces or between cubicles. Yucca elephantipes plant indoors