5 Proven Reasons Plants In Your Bedroom Can Help You Sleep Better

Indoor plants make our lives better in various ways. One does not have to be a psychologist to understand the mental boost and stress relief that these beauties can provide, but there are more advantages to them than what their presence can offer, and most of them will improve sleeping quality.

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#1 – Plants Can Improve Air Quality

Scientists generally agree that plants can indeed improve air quality in your home, and they achieve this through a variety of ways.

The most important factor is their respiration combined with the large surface area they can provide. Plants technically cannot breathe because of the lack of muscles.

They do, however, respire, and thanks to that process (with a couple of other important factors) they can positively influence the level of the air quality. For starters, they reduce the carbon dioxide levels. Carbon dioxide is food for them, not so much for us. It is not poisonous but it does not help us.

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Another thing the plant does is increasing humidity. This is important because dry air can lead to several respiratory problems, especially during the winter. The plants emit vapor which in turn will raise the humidity levels to an ideal degree. While this is important, we can also go over the top.

By having too many plants within our home, the humidity levels can get out of control. Feeling like we were in a jungle is also not ideal. In addition to regulating the CO2 levels and humidity, plants will also reduce the levels of various pollutants, as well keeping check the dust levels in your home.

All of these aspects directly or indirectly (through physical aspects) influences sleeping patterns. Air quality is probably the second most important requirement for a good night sleep. Once the air quality is ideal, you will likely notice an enormous difference in your sleeping habits, for the better.

#2 – Reduce Background Noise

Many don’t realize this but a bedroom with plants can actually help reduce the background noise, too. We already knew that trees next to roads have that ability, but recent studies showed that indoor plants can do much the same. They do that by absorbing and diffracting the noise coming from the outside.

Some plants are capable of reducing ambient noise by as much as five decibels. A noisy place is always a distractive place, and having plants can alleviate that problem. The noise will completely disappear, obviously, but it will be reduced which can result in improved sleeping habits.


#3 – Mental Aspects

The positive impacts that indoor plants can provide for the mind are well-documented. Plants can speed up the recovery time of hospital patients, and that has a lot to do with the mental aspects of the whole phenomenon. We are fascinated by plants and flowers. Their grace and beauty touches us.

Even those who otherwise don’t identify themselves as plant or flower enthusiasts will be affected by these graceful organisms. There are a large number of studies out there that recognize the physiological changes a color, a shape or a certain scent can make. A plant can offer all three aspects.

A Royal College of Agriculture study has also found a link between the presence of indoor plants and improved focus. The students who were put in a room with plants, demonstrated an improved attentiveness by as much as 70%. This is remarkable and clearly shows that plants affect us all.

When you are in an environment like that, the mind can exhaust itself enough so that it will not need to run around by the time you want to sleep. A relaxed and positively exhausted mind is a surefire way of having good night sleeps. Our mind is a lot more positive when we are surrounded by plants.

#4 – Battle Allergies Before They Rear Their Ugly Heads

One of the common mistakes parents tend to make, is shielding their children from everything dirty or potentially allergenic. This kind of thinking is excellent in the first couple of months of the child’s life because their immune system is still not capable to dealing with those potential dangers.

Once, however, they are past the half year mark, that kind of care should definitely change. Overprotective parents can do a lot of harm by shielding their child from everything that could trigger an allergic reaction, unfortunately making the child more prone to allergies in the process.

By exposing small children to a variety of house plants, they will get an early dose of allergenic compounds that will trigger the healthy immune response. Naturally, there are exceptions where the children become allergic despite the fact that he or she wasn’t shielded from anything.

By being in an environment like that the parents can also benefit. The physical condition of our children is something that often keeps us awake, often turning into full-blown insomnia. A healthy child in a healthy environment improves the physical and emotional condition of the parents as well.

#5 – Plant Extracts Help Make Congestion and Insomnia Go Away

There are certain plants that emit various compounds that have all kinds of health promoting qualities, including anti-insomnia benefits. Eucalyptus is one of these plants, in fact it is probably the most famous one when it comes to sleep (koalas cannot be wrong) and having a healthy respiratory system.

These remarkable organisms – with special emphasis on the above mentioned Eucalyptus – offer a large variety of medicinal qualities, including but not limited to their role as an expectorant. They can also nourish the hair, but more importantly, clear the sinuses while smelling amazingly good.

There is a reason why the leaves and oil of this remarkable plant have been used for centuries as a remedy for various diseases and conditions. These expectorants will help you remove the mucus and phlegm from your sinuses, improving your respiratory functions in the process.

That’s just by being in the same room as the plant, but you can of course use the leaves and the oil of the plant for an even stronger affect. To top it all, the species is one of the most beautiful plants around, offering a vivid and pleasant view at any point during the day, especially when it is flowering.

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