The Best Planting Tip I Never Shared!

planting tip

Thomas Rainer is a landscape architect by profession and claims to be a gardener by obsession. Thomas shared a great gardening tip he picked up that I’ve used for years

How To Use A Gypsum Soil Amendment

Bag of Garden Gypsum To Amend soil

Garden Gypsum soil amendment helps improve soil naturally. amendment. Gypsum can help improve crop growth and assist in balancing the pH levels and provide necessary nutrients.

Tips On Using Vinegar To Lower Soil pH

Lower soil pH with vinegar and turn Hydrangea flowers blue

Some plants require a lower level of pH than others. Fortunately, adding a little bit of vinegar to your soil can up the acidity and correct the pH levels to

How To Remove Sap From Clothes

Tips on getting tree sap from clothes

Have you ever found yourself at the end of the day with sap all over your clothes from working in the yard or garden. It always seems like my Philodendrons and

Homemade Garlic Spray for Aphids

A homemade garlic spray for aphids starts with several cloves

Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects that feed on plant fluids. They have long slender mouthparts they insert in stems and leaves and suck out fluids. Aphids attack common garden plants

When To Thin Seedlings?

thinning seedling lets you pick strongest

The excitement of spring starts weeks or months before the warm weather arrives. Spring anticipation begins with the planting of vegetable seeds for the garden and flower seeds for the

Should You Be Soaking Seeds Before Planting?

Should you soak seeds before planting helps plants germinate faster

There is a long history of gardeners soaking seeds before planting, but many new gardeners aren’t aware that this trick can decrease the germination time. Soaking seeds before planting can

Dormant Oil: What Is and How Do You Use It?

Dormant Oil Pesticide label

Dormant oil is a natural pesticide that protects plants but does not damage the fruit or environment. Deciduous trees stripped bare in the winter season is a stark beautiful look,

Vines And Windows Boxes: Rules In Use

vines overgrowing at front door

Two landscape design items needing proper placement in any public landscape area are vines and window boxes. Both should be used with restraint, but when used correctly, they are effective

Furcraea Foetida Care: Learn Grow The False Agave

False Agave plant - Furcraea

Furcraea foetida (fer-KREE-uh FET-uh-duh) is an evergreen flowering plant from the family Agavaceae now the Asparagaceae family. It hails from northern South America and the Caribbean. However, Furcraea is cultivated

Foxglove Plant: How To Care For Digitalis Purpurea

Flowers of the Foxglove - Digitalis purpurea

The Foxglove Plant (Digitalis purpurea), one remarkable, distinctive flower reminiscent of our earlier childhood years. Seeing the foxglove brings us back to memories of summers long past spent in cottage gardens.

Should You Use Distilled Water For Plants?

Watering Ficus plants with distilled water

These days it’s becoming harder and harder to get pure water for your houseplants.  Tap water or municipal water often contains unwanted contaminants, and even rainwater is less than perfect. 

How Long To Keep Grow Lights On Plants?

man checking the grow lights setup

Have you ever wondered how long you should keep the grow lights on your plants?  If so, you’re not alone. Here’s a question we received on just that topic. Question:

How To Clean Houseplant Leaves

Cleaning houseplant leaves

Have you ever been asked the best way on “How to clean leaves on houseplants?” Here’s the deal. The common houseplant is a great way to spruce up your home