How To Propagate Pothos Plants

long vines of pothos plant ready to propagate

So you want to know how to propagate Pothos. Of the fifteen pothos species, often called devil’s ivy, they all have in common low maintenance and tremendous ease of propagation.

How To Make A Pothos Moss Pole

Pothos Moss Pole

If you’re looking for a way to give your pothos plant a little boost, consider making a pothos moss pole! This is simply a pole (usually made of bamboo) covered

Why Are My Pothos Leaves Turning Brown

Pothos Leaves Turning Brown

The pothos plant, Epipremnum aureum, is a popular house and office plant in North America and Europe. They are easy to care for and tolerant of various environments. A healthy

Climbing Pothos: How To Make Pothos Climb

Climbing Pothos

When it comes to houseplants, the pothos is a true classic. Its glossy leaves and vining habit make it a popular choice for both beginners and experienced plant parents alike.

Brown Spots On Pothos: Causes And Treatment

Brown Spots on Pothos leaves

There are 15 species of pothos, all of which are easy-care climbing and trailing members of the Araceae family of plants.  They come from tropical and semi-tropical western Pacific and

Pothos N Joy VS Pearls and Jade

Pothos NJoy Vs Pearls and Jade

It’s hard to go wrong with a good pothos plant. They are generally more compact than similar plants, such as philodendrons and monsteras, but they come in a wide range

How To Save And Care For An Overwatered Pothos

overwatered pothos

Pothos plants are some of the more common houseplants raised for their foliage. While the genus Pothos (POH-thos) contains around 50 different species, the plant most Americans associate with pothos

Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow

Golden Pothos with yellowing leaves

Pothos plants are incredibly easy house plants to grow and maintain.  These indoor plants with trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves belong to the Araceae family.  The scientific name of the

How Can You Make Pothos Grow Faster?

Making Pothos grow faster

Pothos in general will grow quickly, but if you want it to grow at top speed, you must pay close attention to soil quality, temperature… [DETAILS]

Growing Jade Pothos: How To Care For Green Pothos

All green Jade Pothos in a hanging pot

Jade Pothos [jeid] [POH-thos] are popular trailing indoor plants with waxy, heart-shaped leaves. Besides the brilliant green Jade, you’ll find other different types of Pothos plants like Golden Pothos and

Scindapsus Pictus Care: Tips On Growing Satin Pothos

attractive spotted leaves of scindapsus pictus

Scindapsus Pictus (skin-DAP-sus, PIK-tus), also called Epipremnum Pictum is a flowering species in the plant family Araceae. The popular common pothos is Epipremnum aureum. This evergreen plant is indigenous to Southeast

Is Golden Pothos Toxic to Cats?

planter of golden Pothos, is Pothos cat safe?

The Golden Pothos plant (Epipremnum aureum) is the most common Pothos variety and a member of the Araceae plant family. You may hear this popular houseplant referred to as: Devil’s

How To Make Pothos Plants Fuller

Learn ways to make your pothos plant bushy and full

Mention Pothos varieties and we picture a trailing, climbing, rambling vine on grandma’s windowsill.  She called these house plants Silver Vine, Money Plant, Devil’s Ivy, and more While the pothos

NJoy Pothos Care: Growing The N-Joy Pothos Plant

Variegated leaves of Pothos N-Joy Pothos

Epipremnum (ep-ih-PREM-num), known as Pothos plants is one of the few successful genera enjoyed in homes and offices. Hailing from the Araceae family, these beautiful perennials resemble philodendrons in many

How To Grow and Care For Manjula Pothos

Home and garden decoration of top view Epipremnum aureum in the bedroom

The Pothos plant (Epipremnum), in general, is native to the Solomon Islands. Manjula Pothos or Epipremnum aureum Manjula [ep-ih-PREM-num AW-re-um man-JU-la] is a patented variety developed by the University of

What Is The Best Soil For Pothos Plants?

Hand holding green Epipremnum aureum (Pothos) pot at home garden

All types of Pothos plants, or Epipremnum aureum, do best in well-drained soil. Compacted soil or mixtures without enough air pockets keep the plant’s roots too wet, leading to root

Is Pothos Poisonous Or Toxic To Dogs?

Pothos in a potted plant, this is the detail of green leaf of garden tree. Some leaves are 2 tone , dark green and white mix with light yellow.

Pothos,(Epipremnum aureum) or Devil’s Ivy, is a popular houseplant and outdoor plant. When seen in person, you can understand why so many people choose to decorate their homes with it.

How To Grow And Care For Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos growing in ceramic container

Epipremnum aureum (ep-ih-PREM-num AW-re-um) is also known as: Variegated Philodendron Golden Pothos Pothos Vine Devil’s Ivy This perennial tropical member of the Araceae family hails from the Solomon Islands, Southeast

How To Grow Pothos In Water

The Pothos with a Natural Light in the Morning Summer Day

Growing pothos in water is easy as long as the plant gets the right amount of indirect light, water and nutrients. This task does not require much in the way

How To Grow And Care For Marble Queen Pothos

Leaves of Marble Queen Pothos

The Marble Queen Pothos is a low maintenance plant belonging to the hardy pothos family (Epipremnum aureum). Pothos are famous for their tender leathery leaves, vibrant green color, and undemanding

Caring For Pothos Pearls and Jade Plant

Little Pearls and Jade Pothos potted plant

Epipremnum aureum (ep-ih-PREM-num AW-re-um), often referred to as devil’s ivy or the pothos plant. It is a member of the Araceae family that’s produced many cultivars. One of these cultivars