Schefflera Amate Plant Growing and Care

Schefflera Amate plant

Schefflera is a leafy green plant found in the flourishing rainforests of Australia. Schefflera Amate is a select cultivar. It is a perennial, and the pronunciation is as follows: [shef-LER-uh

How To Control Mealybugs on Schefflera

Leaves of variegated Schefflera and mealybugs

The Schefflera has been a popular plant for use in the landscape and as an indoor plant. Indoors getting rid of mealybugs on Schefflera can be a problem. Fifty years

Is The Schefflera Plant Poisonous?

Variegated Schefflera growing in a container

Schefflera arboricola is a popular houseplant and member of the family Araliaceae. The botanical name is Brassaia arboricola. It is also known as: Australian Ivy Palm Dwarf Umbrella tree Dwarf