Ficus Tineke Rubber Plant Care Guide

Rubber Plant like Tineke and its Lighting Requirements

What is a Ficus Elastica Tineke? The Tineke is a select variety of Ficus elastica and a “new” highly variegated rubber plant on the market. People love the camouflage foliage

Are Fiddle Leaf Plants Toxic To Cats

Fiddle Leaf Plants and Cats

The fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is a wonderful plant well-known for its unique, fiddle-shaped foliage. A popular plant for indoor enthusiasts, this particular Ficus often finds itself in communal portions

Are Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees Safe For Cats?

Fiddle Leaf Figs and Cats

One popular plant is the fiddle-leaf fig tree (Ficus lyrata). Known for its distinctive leaf shape, this plant is often grown in the busier parts of homes. This means you’re

Why Are My Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Drooping?

Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Drooping

The fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is a wonderful plant with a bit of a reputation. However, while its care requirements are pretty simple, this particular Ficus can sometimes be

Tips On Repotting Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

Repotting Fiddle Leaf Fig

Nature provides endless variety in its plant life; some are basic, while others resemble something from science fiction. However, this variety isn’t limited to the great outdoors, as many indoor

How, When and Why Repot Rubber Plants

repot rubber plant

Rubber trees are popular indoor plants because their distinct appearance makes them interesting to look at and because they do well indoors. Rubber tree plants originate from southeast Asia, where

Why Are My Rubber Plant Leaves Falling Off?

Rubber Plant Leaves Falling

Ficus Elastica (FY-kus ee-LASS-tih-kuh) is known as the Rubber Plant or Rubber Tree Plant. This popular ornamental houseplant is well known for its broad, attractive shiny leaves.  In addition, rubber

Are Fiddle Leaf Figs Toxic To Dogs

Fiddle leaf fig and Dogs

One of the first questions any dog owner asks before buying a plant like a fiddle leaf fig is: are fiddle leaf figs toxic to dogs? While many plants are

Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Dropping Leaves?

Fiddle-leaf fig dropping leaves

Ficus lyrata (FY-kus ly-RAY-tuh), aka Fiddle Leaf Fig, is a plant that typically does very well with bright, indirect sunlight in a consistently warm, humid environment with regular, reliable care. 

How To Propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig

Propagating Fiddle-leaf Fig

Admirers of the fiddle leaf plant appreciate the leaves’ unusual shape and waxy texture, dark yet vibrant green color, and rugged yet slender trunks. That’s why fiddle tree lovers often

Is The Rubber Plant Toxic To Cats?

Rubber Plant and Cats

Do you want to grow a rubber plant indoors, but you’re worried about your cat’s safety? Well, you’re not alone. A variety of plants are toxic to cats, and yes

What Is A Good Ficus Fertilizer?

Good Ficus Fertilizer

Ficus are popular indoor plants for homes with bright lighting. Unfortunately, Ficus is a tropical plant, and so in most homes, it needs to be kept warm in the winter

Why Is My Rubber Plant Losing Leaves?

Rubber Plants Losing Leaves

What can you do when your Ficus elastica plant is shedding lots of leaves? Why does this happen? What can you do with a rubber plant losing leaves? As with

What Is The Best Rubber Plant Soil?

Best Rubber Plant Soil

The best rubber plant soil is one that drains well, with a slightly acidic pH between 5.5 and 7.0. The Ficus elastica, for example, can do well in a range

How To Grow and Care for Ficus Elastica Ruby Plants

Ficus Ruby Red plant

Of all the rubber plant varieties, the ruby rubber plant is perhaps the most popular. Known in botanical circles as Ficus elastica (FY-kus ee-LASS-tih-kuh) ‘Ruby,’ this charming plant offers beautiful variegation and requires surprisingly little

How To Grow And Care For Ficus Altissima

Ficus altissima growing indoors

Ficus altissima (FIK-us al-TISS-ih-muh) is also called Lofty Fig, Asian Council Tree, or simply Council Tree. It is a flowering plant in the Mulberry or Moraceae family of plants. This