Ficus Benjamina Tree – Weeping Fig

The House Plant Homeowners Tree: Ficus Plant Care The Ficus benjamina, commonly known as the Benjamins fig, fig ficus, weeping figs, or benjamin figs, is the houseplant most people think

Pruning Ficus Trees: When And How

What is a Ficus tree? Ficus trees, also known as ficus benjamina, weeping fig tree or the benjamin fig, have a tendency to freak people out… It seems like as

Ficus Tree Losing Leaves? The WHY

Few people who have ever bought a Ficus tree (weeping fig tree), especially Ficus Benjamina, have not needed to pull out a broom, get down on their knees or get

Ficus Pandurata: The Fiddleleaf Fig Tree

The fiddle-leaf fig is the common name for Ficus Lyrata or Ficus Pandurata comes from the family Moraceae. It’s related to the rubber plant. The plant gets its name from its