What Is The Best Pot For Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees?

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When it comes to fiddle leaf figs, they are quite easy plants to care for. However, to help maintain their growth and health, getting the perfect pot for your Ficus is important. The fiddle leaf fig does best in a container with drainage holes and is tight or snug. They can handle different materials and shapes.

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What is most important when it comes to a pot for your fiddle leaf fig is giving it the right amount of drainage so there is no standing water. Throughout this article, we will go over the best pots for a fiddle leaf plant to maintain its optimal health while also adding aesthetics to your home and your tree.

What Planters Work Best For A Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Plastic Planters

Plastic planters with drainage holes that allow water to run through will be perfect for a fiddle leaf fig.

Plastic planters do not absorb any water from the pot, so you will not have to worry about the moisture level being too high. It is also important not to come with a saucer stuck to the pot. Having a removable saucer will avoid any issues with standing water.

Seagrass Basket

Seagrass baskets are quite popular and add a rustic or natural aesthetic to your living space. They are great with fiddle-leaf fig trees and contrast well with their dark leaves.

However, even though they are aesthetically pleasing, you will have a separate plastic planter inside with your tree in it. You will have to water it outside of the basket planter. Once it is completely drained, you can put it back inside.

Concrete Planter

Concrete planters usually come in a square or circle design. They are minimalistic and are usually grey.

It does not absorb water like a terracotta pot, so with a drainage hole, it will be perfect for a fiddle leaf fig.

Terracotta Pots

While terracotta pots are very common, they are a great pot for a fiddle leaf fig. However, they do absorb water and slowly release it back into the plant.

To avoid this, you must always ensure your plant’s soil is completely dry before watering it again.

Terracotta plots are an easy, simple choice to plant your fiddle leaf fig in. However, the material does absorb water and may harm your plants if you tend to water them frequently. Therefore, checking the soil before you water your fiddle leaf fig is important.

Paper Bag Planter

Paper bag planters are similar to seagrass baskets. However, they look like actual paper bags.

They are very minimal and can go with any design or aesthetic. The paper bag planter usually has linen inside. You will need to keep your fig in a plastic planter inside the paper bag planter.

Just like the seagrass basket, you will need to water the plant outside the planter, and when it is completely drained, you can put it back.

How Big Should A Planter Be For A Fiddle Leaf Fig?

A new pot for a fiddle leaf fig should be 3” to 4” inches wider than the old one. Your plant needs a snug pot, so it should never be more than 6” inches wider than the pot you are replacing.

If you give the new plant too much room, the extra soil will retain too much moisture and cause root rot.

Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Do Well In Self-watering Pots?

A self-watering pot may overwater your fiddle leaf fig. However, since this plant is drought tolerant and prefers to dry out before being watered again, it is best to check the soil and water it yourself.

Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Require A Saucer?

A saucer is a great option to avoid water leaving the pot and making a mess on your floor. 

However, if the water stays in the saucer, it will go back into the pot and could lead to root rot of your fiddle leaf fig. Therefore, all excess water should drain out or be taken out if you decide to have a saucer connected to your planter.

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