How Do You Use Neem Oil On Houseplants?

Neem oil for house plants

Neem Oil on Houseplants is a product for natural pest control indoors and generally non-toxic to humans and animals. Click on this article for details on using Neem on House plants.

How To Shorten Tall House Plants

shorten tall houseplants

Summary: When houseplants like a Dracaena tree, Janet Craig plant, airplane plant (aka spider plant), English ivy, ficus tree, ficus benjamina, or dieffenbachia amoena get too tall or big for their space, they must be shortened

Aluminum Plant Care | Growing Pilea Cadierei

hardy growing Aluminum pilea

The Aluminum Plant – Pilea cadierei [py-LEE-uh kad-ee-AIR-eye] is a bushy little plant with distinct markings on the leaves. Due to its compact size, it fits perfectly in almost any

How To Grow Avocado From Seed Or Pit

growing an Avocado from a seed or pit

The avocado is a great fruit. When they are in season avocados can be frozen for future use. One question we get asked often is how to grow an avocado

How To Clean Houseplant Leaves

Cleaning houseplant leaves

Have you ever been asked the best way on “How to clean leaves on houseplants?” Here’s the deal. The common houseplant is a great way to spruce up your home

Cyclamen Care: Tips On Growing Cyclamen Plants

cyclamen plant care how to

Cyclamen plants is a lovely perennial tuber from the Primulacaea family, native to Mediterranean countries such as the Greek Islands, Turkey, and some parts of Europe. The name “Cyclamen” comes

Tips On Best Places To Buy House Plants

buying plants online or at the nursery always look for quality

I constantly get email asking “Where is the best place to buy indoor plants? or “Where to buy house plants?” One of the great frustrations commercial plant growers face comes

Streptocarpus – The Cape Primrose

Beautiful flowers of Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose)

A well-grown Streptocarpus (cape primrose) is a joy. The many hybrids provide pleasing colors and dashing combinations in shades of crimson, pink, blue, violet and white.  Contrasting lines and blotches

Homalomena selby

Homalomena plants are interesting tropical foliage plants that come in various leaf shapes, colors, and patterns.  One of the cultivars of homalomena is Homalomena ‘Selby,’ that is top on the