How Do You Use Neem Oil On Houseplants?

Neem oil for house plants

Neem Oil on Houseplants is a product for natural pest control indoors and generally non-toxic to humans and animals. Click on this article for details on using Neem on House plants.

How To Shorten Tall House Plants

shorten tall houseplants

Summary: When houseplants like a Dracaena tree, Janet Craig plant, airplane plant (aka spider plant), English ivy, ficus tree, ficus benjamina, or dieffenbachia amoena get too tall or big for their space, they must be shortened

How To Clean Houseplant Leaves

Cleaning houseplant leaves

Have you ever been asked the best way on “How to clean leaves on houseplants?” Here’s the deal. The common houseplant is a great way to spruce up your home

Tips On Best Places To Buy House Plants

buying plants online or at the nursery always look for quality

I constantly get email asking “Where is the best place to buy indoor plants? or “Where to buy house plants?” One of the great frustrations commercial plant growers face comes

5 Tips For Houseplants When Moving

Question: I am moving in cold weather in about 2 weeks to Wisconsin from Michigan. It’s about a 2 hour drive. How can I best protect my plants during this

How To Repot A Houseplant

Question: I’ve gone down the “repotting house plants” path before. It should be simple, but whenever repotting a plant, they never seem to do well afterward. I’m not sure if

How to Grow Bulbs in Vases

Growing bulbs indoors in pots or vases are a popular gardening activity. With care and a little planning, you can enjoy the color and show off bright, beautiful flowers at