Does Neem Oil Kill Squash Bugs?

squash bugs feeding on plants

Sap drinking squash bugs pierce the leaf surface of a plant and drain its fluids. This can cause leaves to dry and fall off, as well as attacking the fruit itself. Does Neem Oil control squash bugs? Click on this article to learn more about using Neem Oil to control squash bugs. [DETAILS]

Will Sevin Spray Kill Aphids?

Sevin powder and spray for garden pests control

Have you noticed a sticky black substance on your plants, mottled and yellowed leaves, and a sudden stunted growth? All are signs of an aphid infestation. The many species of

How To Make Garlic Spray For Plant Pests

Thumb presses on fresh garlic dispenser

Can you use a garlic spray for pests? A popular part of folklore, it was believed the pungent smell of garlic confused the noses of vampires, lycanthropes, and other creatures

What Is A Pyrethrum Spray And How To Use It On Plants?

Pyrethrum Pest Spray

Ever heard of a pyrethrum spray? A natural pyrethrum bug spray comes from the dried blossoms of white pyrethrum daisies, Tanacetum cinerariifolium. The insecticidal activity of this potent organic compound targets an insect’s nervous system, paralyzing (on contact),

Cyclamen Mites – Cyclamen Plant’s Worst Pest

Cyclamen Mites - broad mites attack a variety of plants

Cyclamen Mites, belonging to the Tarsonemidae family and known by their scientific name Phytonemus pallidus (Banks), are one of the most harmful pests causing damage to foliage, buds, and blooms of various