Will Neem Oil Kill Lady Bugs – Is It Safe?

Ladybug hunting for pests

There are 450 species of ladybug in North America, most of which are highly beneficial as natural predators. These cute little insects devour massive quantities of plant pests, such as

What Do Ladybugs Eat Besides Aphids?

Ladybug dining on aphids, but what else do they eat?

Often referred to as the Gardener’s Apprentice, ladybugs are often a welcome sight around gardens and crops. These brightly-colored insects voraciously devour and eat harmful aphids that damage your fruits

Why And How To Use Lady Bugs In The Garden

Lady bug feeding on an Aphid

Ladybugs, the little round red color bug with black spots, oh, who cannot identify ladybug? We all have known it from childhood days! They are the most desired beneficial insects

How To Attract Beneficial Insects With Plants

Many gardeners are beginning to focus more attention on natural or organic gardening methods of controlling a variety of insects.  Harsh chemical pesticides and herbicides that eradicate common garden pests