Soil Fungus Gnats: How To Get Rid Of Soil Gnats

Fungus gnats in soil

Most of the household infestations facing plant enthusiasts involve piercing insects and arachnids. Aphids, spider mites, and other common pests tend to reside on the undersides of leaves, where they

Home Remedy for Fungus Gnats

home remedies for fungus gnats

There are a lot of easy home remedies for fungus gnats, most require items you probably already have laying around. This article shares some of the more popular fungus gnat home remedies.

Does Neem Oil Kill Fungus Gnats?

Yellow sticky tape full of fungus gnats

Few pests are as annoying as house fungus gnats. Houseplant owners are often frustrated with these tiny flying pests on their plants. In the past, there was little you could do. Now you have Neem oil. Click on this article to learn more on how to use neem oil for fungus gnats control.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide For Fungus Gnats

fungus gnat outdoors

Plants bring vibrant and colorful life that brighten our surroundings and our senses. One of the most common plagues to our house plants and gardens is fungus gnats. Not only

How To Get Rid Of Gnats With Dawn Dish Soap

Use Dawn Dish soap to get rid of gnats

Many refer to any small, pesky, flying insects as gnats. Often, these pests are gnats and sometimes flies. Either way, they are burdensome to have in the home.  Luckily, there