What Causes Tiny Spider Webs On Plants?

Spiderweb on Plants

Have you ever seen tiny spider webs on your plants? If you have Aralias, Calatheas, or indoor palms, you may notice that your plant appears dusty at some point. Your

Small White Bugs In Soil – What Can You Do?

Tiny white bugs in soil

Your soil’s health determines your plant’s health, so it’s essential to monitor your soil and what’s crawling around in the ground or the pot. Often, uninvited bugs in soil are

What Are Soil Mites – Friend or Foe?

man holding soil

When you walk in a wooded setting, you’ll see lots of organic matter on the ground.  Leaves, pine needles, mushrooms, and decaying branches and logs are everywhere.  Soil mites are

How To Use Predatory Mites

Predatory Mite Colony

Your garden is full of mites!  While you may think this is a good reason to whip out the pesticide and go to work, think again.  When it comes to

Cyclamen Mites – Cyclamen Plant’s Worst Pest

Cyclamen Mites - broad mites attack a variety of plants

Cyclamen Mites, belonging to the Tarsonemidae family and known by their scientific name Phytonemus pallidus (Banks), are one of the most harmful pests causing damage to foliage, buds, and blooms of various