10 Cissus Varieties To Grow and Collect

Many Cissus varieties make wonderful houseplants

Hailing from the grape (Vitaceae) family, Cissus is a genus of approximately 350 lianas (or woody vines). Their name, which translates to “ivy” pays homage to the fact that these

Types Of Angel Trumpet Flowers (Brugmansia)

Brugmansia Angel Trumpet Flower

Say what you will about humans causing extinctions. However, we are sometimes also responsible for the survival of species. Such is the case with Brugmansia (broog-MAN-zee-ah), a genus of seven

Fittonia Varieties: Popular Nerve Plants To Grow

assorted Fittonia varieties

Fittonias are a small genus with only two accepted species, plus three other plants currently under review to see if they’re varieties or separate species. Both Fittonia albivenis and Fittonia gigantea are native to

Popular Spider Plant Varieties

Reversed unique variegated leaf pattern of Spider plant

Of all the houseplants out there, few have seen the success of Chlorophytum comosum (kloh-roh-FY-tum kom-OH-sum), better known as the spider plant. By the way caring for Chlorophytum plants is

Popular Anthurium Varieties To Grow And Collect

Blooming Anthurium andraeanum

Anthurium (an-THUR-ee-um) is a tropical, perennial, evergreen shrub that can grow to be about 3″ feet high. Homeowners love these houseplants because of their bright, interesting, beautiful flower spathes and

10 Top Aeonium Varieties to Grow and Collect

Colorful Aeonium varieties

Aeoniums are also known as Tree Houseleeks. They come from a genus consisting of approximately 35 species of subtropical, perennial succulent members of the Crassulaceae family of plants. These attractive

Types of Jade Plants (Crassula)

Crassula ovata - Red tips on a jade plant

Elegant, attractive jade plants are rugged and easy to grow. In fact, they tend to thrive on neglect. They do very well in any warm, dry, bright setting, so they

Top Aglaonema Varieties To Grow And Collect

Assorted Aglaonema varieties

If someone mentions aglaonema (ag-lay-oh-NEE-muh), you might not immediately recognize the name, but chances are you’ve seen one before. Commonly referred to as Chinese Evergreens, these members of the Araceae

10 Popular Types of Monstera Plants and Vines

Monstera deliciosa one of the most popular types of monstera

Monstera (mon-STER-uh) is a type of Evergreen tropical vine or shrub hailing from Central America. These plants are well known for the natural holes (fenestrations) that appear in their large,

Popular Types Of Haworthia Succulents To Grow

Several types of succulent Haworthia plants

All the succulent Haworthia varieties are easy to grow, fun to collect, and make excellent additions to small space gardens. These small plants require less light than most succulents. Click on this article to learn about the many types of Haworthia.

Croton Varieties: Different Types Of Croton Plants

Colorful vibrant leaves of different Croton varieties

The Croton plant, aka Codiaeum variegatum (pkoh-dih-EE-um var-ee-GAY-tum), is a colorful indoor/outdoor tropical plant is native to Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India. The word croton is Greek for tick because

19 Types of Aloe Plants With Images

Different varieties of Aloe

There are many types of Aloe plants in the world. The most popular Aloe, Aloe vera plant (AL-oh vair-uh), Aloe barbadensis comes from the Mediterranean area and the Arabian Peninsula.

Types Of Ficus Trees For The Home and Garden

3 of the Ficus types for the home and garden

Ficus plants [FYE-Kuss] include 800-1000 species of woody trees, shrubs, and vines from the Moraceae family. Many are grown as houseplants or outdoors in their native regions. Ficus plants are

Types Of Agave Plants For The Garden

Different Agave types in the garden

The Agave Plant is a group of over 200 species of succulents, all hailing from the New World desert or near-desert areas of South America, Central America, Mexico the Southwest United States, and even the Caribbean. These large, tough,