11 Popular Knockout Rose Varieties: Get To Know These Beauties

Rosa Radrazz (RO-suh RAD-razz), or Knockout Rose, is the first in a group of carefree, disease tolerant, hardy types of roses introduced in 2000. 

All of these roses are happy in USDA hardiness zones ranging from 5 to 9, and some types can even do well in zone 4. 

Flowers of one of the 11 varieties of Knockout rosesPin

Knockout roses are very low-maintenance and provide an abundance of blooms in shades of white, yellow, pink, and red all summer long. 

The flowers are big and showy and do not need deadheading. This type of rose got its common collective name because new blooms knock out spent blooms, thus saving you the trouble of deadheading.

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What Is The Origin of Knockout Roses?

William Radler, an enthusiastic breeder of roses developed the original Knockout Roses in Wisconsin. Radler had been the director of Minnesota’s Boerner Botanical Garden. 

Mr. Radler developed his first hybrid Knockout Rose by crossing two tea roses, the Razzle Dazzle, and the Carefree Beauty. 

Like most hybrids, the resulting plant amplified the best qualities of both parents. Knockout Roses are resistant to pests and diseases, and Knockouts are very cold hardy

Other stellar qualities include a long bloom time and very low maintenance requirements. The only downside of these pretty plants is that their blooms are not usually fragrant.

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How Many Different Kinds Of Knockout Roses Are There? 

It’s hard to pin down the exact number of Knockout Roses without becoming instantly obsolete. New varieties are developed all the time. Here are eleven of the most popular varieties.

Knock Out® Rose ‘Radrazz’

Rosa Radrazz is the original Knockout. This small rose bush attains a height and width of approximately three feet. 

It has bright red flowers in the springtime and blooms of deeper red in summer’s hot months. Its leaves also transition from green to burgundy as the growing season progresses. 

Its flowers are very faintly spice scented.

Pink Knock Out® Rose ‘Radcon’ PP 15,070 CPBR 2,044

Rosa Radcon or Pink Knockout Rose attains a height of three feet and a width of four feet. It produces unscented, deep pink flowers that deepen in color as the growing season progresses. 

The foliage is deep bluish-green. More sun produces a more intense bloom color. Provide a minimum of 5 hours of bright, direct sunlight every day. This plant does best in a humid setting.

Rainbow Knock Out® Rose ‘Radcor’ PP 17,346 CPBR 3,444

Rosa Radcor or Rainbow Knockout Rose attains a height and width of three feet. This compact bush produces rich coral-colored, unscented flowers with yellow centers. 

If you live in a warm area, you can expect year-round flowers. The foliage is a semi-glossy shade of deep green.

Double Knock Out® Rose ‘Radtko’  PP 16,202  CPBR 3,104

Rosa Hybrida Radtko is also known as Double Knockout Rose. This plant attains a height of three feet and a width of four feet. 

It is very similar to Rosa Radrazz, but its flowers are double petaled (2 dozen petals each) and very deep cherry red.

Double Pink Knock Out® Rose ‘Radtkopink’ PP 18,507 CPBR 3,757

Rosa Radtkopink, or Pink Double Knockout, is a pink variation of Rosa Hybrida Radtko. Its characteristics are the same, but its flowers are bubblegum pink rather than deep cherry red. 

Additionally, both Double Knockouts produce massive numbers of blooms, as many as twenty-five per branch.

Blushing Knock Out® Rose ‘Radyod’ PP 14,700 CPBR 2,045 

Rosa Radyod or Blushing Knockout Rose attains a width of three feet and a height of four feet. This variety requires a small amount of sunlight. 

It can produce blooms happily with as few as 3-4 hours of sunlight daily. 

The blooms are lightly scented, pink, and about 3 ½ inches wide. Unlike other Knockout varieties, this plant’s blossoms grow in clusters and lighten in color as the growing season progresses. 

To encourage more blooms deadhead the flowers. 

The attractive foliage ranges in color from fairly light green to medium bluish-green. 

Sunny Knock Out® Rose ‘Radsunny’ PP 18,562 CPBR 4,875

Rosa Radsunny is also known as Sunny Knockout Rose. This reasonably large variety can attain a height of four or five feet. The flower buds are deep gold. After they open, the petals become a softer shade of creamy yellow. 

These delicate blooms have seven petals that spread to a diameter of about three inches. 

Coral Knock Out® Rose ‘Radral’ PP 19,803

Rosa Radal, or Coral Knockout Rose, attains a height and width of about 4 ½’ feet. The flowers are deep orange in the springtime and fade to coral as the growing season progresses. 

The plant can produce flowers continuously in a hot, humid setting. Foliage starts a medium shade of matte green in the springtime and deepens to bronze as the growing season progresses.

Peachy Knock Out® Rose ‘Radgor’ PP 25,628

Rosa Radgor or Peachy Knockout Rose attains a height of three feet and a spread of three or four feet. 

The abundant blooms are deep pink with yellow centers in the springtime and fade to pale pink and yellow later in the season. The leaves of this mounding bush are semi-glossy, deep green.

White Knock Out® Rose ‘Radwhite’ PP 20,273

Rosa Radwhite is also known as White Knockout Rose. This compact bush attains a height and width of 3 ½ feet. 

The abundant blooms are bright white and set off the contrast of the very deep green (nearly black) leaves beautifully.

Petite Knock Out® Rose ‘Meibenbino’  PP 30,811  U.S. Utility Patent Pending

Rosa Meibenbino or Petite Knockout Rose is the only miniature variety as of this writing. The small bush attains a height and width of two feet. 

It begins producing pretty, fragrant, deep red flowers late in the winter and continues throughout the summer and into the fall. The leaves are very glossy and very deep green. 

Knockout Roses grow in USDA hardiness zones ranging from 5 to 9. Check out our Knock Out Rose Guides for your growing zone.

What Are The Best Uses of Knockout Roses? 

Use these easy-care, abundant blooming, highly attractive roses in a wide variety of ways in the landscape. For example, you can: 

  • Plant a Knockout rose border.
  • Create a beautiful low hedge. 
  • Use these carefree roses as a foundation planting.
  • Mix several varieties into your flower bed for long-lasting color. 
  • Grow the pretty Knockout rose bushes in containers on your patio or balcony. 
  • Use an individual beauty as a specimen plant in a small garden or courtyard. 
  • In very hot climates, plant a Knockout Roses collection as an understory to tall trees that provide high shade. 
  • Add several varieties to your pollinator garden. The bright color is just as attractive to birds, bees, and bugs as is a scent. 

All in all, carefree Knockout Roses can find a happy home in almost any setting where you want lots of long-lasting color.

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