Tips On Growing Knockout Roses In Zone 7

There are 11 official varieties of disease-resistant Knock Out Roses, all of which can be grown from USDA hardiness zones 5 to 9.

Knock Out Roses care is low for these landscape roses.  This low-maintenance feature makes them great additions to most gardens. Plus Knockouts stay a compact 3′ to 4′ feet in height.

Flowering Knock Out Rose grows in Zone 7Pin

Each zone requires slightly different planning due to this plant’s temperature requirements, with Zone 7 right in the middle.

Growing Knock Out Roses in Zone 7

As Zone 7 is arguably ideal for growing Knock Out Roses, it’s good to know a few things that will let you get the most out of this amazing hybrid family.

The Lowdown

Plant your Knock Out Rose in spring or fall, pruning each spring for size and health.

Protect the roots of the plant, especially tree varieties, and bring containers indoors during harsh winters.

Best Time to Plant Knockout Roses In Zone 7

The best time for planting Knock Out Rose is actually more forgiving than traditional roses.

You may choose to plant in either the spring or fall, with slightly different care requirements involved depending on your choice.

Spring Planting

Aim to plant immediately after the final frost has passed when the soil is dry.

When transplanted, they will begin to grow again within 2 to 3 weeks and produce flowers as soon as 6 to 8 weeks after the growth resumes.

Spring plantings help ensure a long bloom period, as well as minimizing the risk of fresh growth after mid-summer, which may be damaged by the first frost.

Their root system will also be well-established in time for the autumn frosts, allowing them to overwinter safely.

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Fall Planting

Knock Out Roses can also be planted safely between September and the beginning of November.

The roots will have enough time to establish themselves, although they won’t be as hardy as spring-planted roots.

Fall planting is ideal for drier regions, and yo7ur Knock Out Rose will have a high chance of blooming in early spring while your spring-planted shrubs are just beginning to grow.

Note that it can be harder to obtain Knock Out Roses from garden centers late in the year. You may need to order early and keep the young plant in hibernation.

When To Cut Back Knockout Roses In Zone 7

You will want to prune and cut back Knockout Roses right after the last hard frost of late winter, usually around early March in this zone 7.

Examine the bush, looking for thin spots and deciding if you want to cut back for size.

All these types of roses are known for good growth. They can triple in size by the end of the growing season. Don’t be afraid to cut back to 6″ to 12” inches above the soil line if you want small shrub roses.

Once you’ve achieved your desired size, use hand pruners to remove any small, damaged, or diseased canes.

Winterizing Knockout Roses In Zone 7

While Knock Out Roses generally fare well in winter above Zone 4, it never hurts to add a little protection. Below are some quick tips.

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Wrapping the base in burlap provides warmth with less risk of the plant drying out.

You may also choose to cover the base in a thick layer of mulch, leaves, pine needles, or other naturally insulating ground covers.

Tree roses require good insulating material around the base, as they’re less cold-hardy due to the exposed lower trunk and will be damaged if the temperature drops below 10° degrees Fahrenheit.

Knockout Roses in containers will generally be fine for the first frost or two, but should then be sheltered in a garage or other cool location until after final frost.

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