Escallonia Plant Shrub Care Methods

Flowering Escallonia shrub

Escallonia [es-kuh-LOW-nee-uh] is a genus of flowering shrubs containing several dozen species.  Most varieties of escallonia shrubs are cultivated as hedging plants.  Escallonias are part … [Read more]

Caring For Little John Bottlebrush

red bloom of Little John Callistemon Citrinus

Little John Bottlebrush is the common name for Callistemon citrinus [kal-lis-STEE-mon] [sit-REE-nus].  It’s a compact evergreen shrub requiring little care or pruning and enjoys full … [Read more]

Rose Of Sharon Fertilizer

Flowers of the Rose of Sharon

Known for its large, pink to purple (sometimes white), trumpet-shaped flowers and long and late season blooming, Rose of Sharon is a hardy deciduous shrub … [Read more]

How To Care For Viburnum Prunifolium

Flowering Viburnum prunifolium

Blackhaw Viburnum, bearing the scientific name Viburnum Prunifolium (vy-Bur-num, proo-ni-FOH-lee-um), belongs to the genus Viburnum (like viburnum plicatum) from the family Adoxaceae, commonly known as … [Read more]

How To Grow Hawthorne Tree

Red berries of the Hawthorn shrub

Commonly known as Hawthorn, Crataegus (krah-TEE-Gus) is a genus from the Rosaceae family and related to the: Cotoneaster Flowering Almond Red Tip Photinia The genus comprises several hundred species … [Read more]

Tips On Leucothoe Axillaris Care

Leucothoe Axillaris Coastal Doghobble

Leucothoe Axillaris (loo-KOH-thoh-ee, ax-ILL-ar-iss) is an evergreen shrub and belongs to the Ericaceae family along with Calluna Vulgaris.  The broadleaf evergreen is indigenous to the … [Read more]

Caring For Hebe Plants

Purple blooms of the Hebe plant

Hebe [HEE-bee] is a genus of plants found throughout New Zealand, French Polynesia, and parts of South America.  The genus includes close to 100 different … [Read more]

How To Grow Mexican Heather

Dainty Blooming Mexican Heather plant

Cuphea hyssopifolia [KYOO-fee-uh, hiss-sop-ih-FOH-lee-uh] is a small shrub belonging to the Lythraceae family.  It’s native to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala.  Cuphea hyssopifolia has several common … [Read more]

How To Care For Mirror Plants

Attractive Mirror Plant

Found in the coastal regions of New Zealand, Coprosma repens [kop-ROS-muh, REE-penz] is an attractive evergreen shrub with white and green leaves.  It’s part of … [Read more]

Learn How To Grow Copper Leaf Acalypha

acalypha wilkesiana (copper plant)

The Copper leaf plant, botanically called Acalypha wilkesiana [ak-uh-LY-fuh, wilk-see-AY-nuh], is an evergreen subtropical shrub.  This colorful Acalypha plant along with its cousin the chenille … [Read more]

Tips On Chinese Perfume Plant Care

Blooming Chinese Perfume Plant (Aglaia Odorata)

Aglaia odorata [ah-GLAY-uh, oh-dor-AH-tuh] is a large shrub belonging to the Meliaceae or mahogany family.  This pretty, fragrant perennial plant hails from: Cambodia Indonesia Myanmar … [Read more]

How To Care For Calycanthus Occidentalis

blooming calycanthus occidentalis (spice bush)

Calycanthus Occidentalis [kal-ee-KAN-thus, ok-sih-den-TAY-liss] has a difficult name to pronounce. Most people simply call it the spicebush.  Other common names include: Carolina sweet shrub Carolina spicebush … [Read more]

Caring For Flowering Almond

blooms of the flowering Almond (Prunus Triloba)

Prunus triloba [PROO-nus, try-LO-buh], belongs to the Rosaceae (Rose) family and comes from China.  It’s become a popular ornamental plant due to its pale pink … [Read more]