Croton Petra Care: Growing Petra Croton Plants

Colorful leaves of Croton Petra

Croton petra [KROH-tun, pet-RAH] is a broadleaved evergreen perennial from the family Euphorbiaceae. Petra has attractive and interesting leaves. It is one of several croton plant varieties available on the

Are Roses Poisonous Or Toxic To Cats?

Cat slowly walking in rose garden

Are roses poisonous to cats? For the cat owner that is a great question! Roses in the Rosaceae family are perhaps the most iconic flower out there. In the language

How To Grow And Care For Osiria Rose

Osiria Rose Flower

You may have seen images of the two-toned hybrid tea Osiria rose (oh-SEER-ee-uh) online and thought that they were too good to be true. In many cases, you would be

Mexican Heather Care: Tips For Growing Cuphea Hyssopifolia

Dainty Blooming Mexican Heather plant

Mexican Heather – Cuphea hyssopifolia [KYOO-fee-uh, hiss-sop-ih-FOH-lee-uh] is a small shrub belonging to the Lythraceae family.  It’s native to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala.  Cuphea hyssopifolia has several common names: Mexican

Escallonia Plant Shrub Care Methods

Flowering Escallonia shrub

Escallonia [es-kuh-LOW-nee-uh] is a genus of flowering shrubs containing several dozen species.  Most varieties of escallonia shrubs are cultivated as hedging plants.  Escallonias are part of the Escalloniaceae family, which

Caring For Little John Bottlebrush

red bloom of Little John Callistemon Citrinus

Little John Bottlebrush is the common name for Callistemon citrinus [kal-lis-STEE-mon] [sit-REE-nus].  It’s a compact evergreen shrub requiring little care or pruning and enjoys full sun.  Callistemon citrinus “Little John”

Rose Of Sharon Fertilizer

Flowers of the Rose of Sharon

Known for its large, pink to purple (sometimes white), trumpet-shaped flowers and long and late season blooming, Rose of Sharon is a hardy deciduous shrub from the Malvaceae or mallow

How To Care For Viburnum Prunifolium

Flowering Viburnum prunifolium

Blackhaw Viburnum, bearing the scientific name Viburnum Prunifolium (vy-Bur-num, proo-ni-FOH-lee-um), belongs to the genus Viburnum (like viburnum plicatum) from the family Adoxaceae, commonly known as the moschatel family. Viburnum was

How To Grow Hawthorne Tree

Red berries of the Hawthorn shrub

Commonly known as Hawthorn, Crataegus (krah-TEE-Gus) is a genus from the Rosaceae family and related to the: Cotoneaster Flowering Almond Red Tip Photinia The genus comprises several hundred species of shrubs and trees native

How To Care For Sweet Box Plant

Flowering sweet box plant

Sarcococca confusa [sar-koh-KOH-kuh, kon-FEW-suh] belongs to the Buxaceae (box) family of plants.  As with other plants in the box family, the sweet box plant is an evergreen shrub with thick

Tips On Leucothoe Axillaris Care

Leucothoe Axillaris Coastal Doghobble

Leucothoe Axillaris (loo-KOH-thoh-ee, ax-ILL-ar-iss) is an evergreen shrub and belongs to the Ericaceae family along with Calluna Vulgaris.  The broadleaf evergreen is indigenous to the eastern U.S. and is widely

Caring For Hebe Plants

Purple blooms of the Hebe plant

Hebe [HEE-bee] is a genus of plants found throughout New Zealand, French Polynesia, and parts of South America.  The genus includes close to 100 different species, all of which appear

How To Care For Mirror Plants

Attractive Mirror Plant

Found in the coastal regions of New Zealand, Coprosma repens [kop-ROS-muh, REE-penz] is an attractive evergreen shrub with white and green leaves.  It’s part of the Rubiaceae family of plants

How To Care For Edgeworthia Plants

Flowering Edgeworthia (paper bush)

Edgewrothia [edj-WOR-thee-uh] is a flowering plant genus in the Thymelaeaceae family and native to the woodlands of the China and Himalayas and widely cultivated in Japan to create their banknotes.

Learn How To Grow Copper Leaf Acalypha

acalypha wilkesiana (copper plant)

The Copper leaf plant, botanically called Acalypha wilkesiana [ak-uh-LY-fuh, wilk-see-AY-nuh], is an evergreen subtropical shrub.  This colorful Acalypha plant along with its cousin the chenille plant belongs to Acalyphinae a

Tips On Chinese Perfume Plant Care

Blooming Chinese Perfume Plant (Aglaia Odorata)

Aglaia odorata [ah-GLAY-uh, oh-dor-AH-tuh] is a large shrub belonging to the Meliaceae or mahogany family.  This pretty, fragrant perennial plant hails from: Cambodia Indonesia Myanmar Thailand Vietnam Taiwan China Laos