Can You Use Neem Oil On Hibiscus?

Neem oil safe for Hibiscus

Treating pests on Hibiscus trees with Neem is generally safe, some plants may be oversensitive. We look at how to use Neem oil on Hibiscus. Click on this article for tips on using neem sprays and drenches on Hibiscus plants.

Is Hibiscus Poisonous Or Toxic To Dogs?

dog outdoors with Hibiscus plant and flowers

Are Hibiscus plants safe for dogs? The bright, radiant colors of your Hibiscus may attract your dog. They may ingest the plant and most of the time, that should not be a problem. But they may experience nausea… [DETAILS]

What Diseases Do Gardenias Get?

gardenia diseases

There’s no denying the unique scent of the Gardenia, it is the biggest draw for this higher-maintenance plant. Gardenia diseases of all varieties make its care more difficult than roses for many. Click on this article to learn more on controlling gardenia diseases. [DETAILS]

Fertilizing Croton Plants: When and How To Fertilize Crotons

Croton fertilizer

When picking a Croton fertilizer do you pick the granular, slow-release, or a water-soluble liquid fertilizer? Croton is well known for its colorful foliage, and vibrant leaves the croton a visual treat. Click on this article for tips on Croton fertilizing.

Can You Get Rid of Aphids on Roses with Vinegar?

Aphids feeding on a beautiful rose bud

If you want to get rid of aphids on roses, vinegar is a natural option. But, is vinegar a good option and a recommended one. Click on this article to learn more about vinegar and aphids or roses. [DETAILS]

How Do I Treat Whitefly On Gardenia Plants?

Controlling white on gardenia plants

Most treatments for whiteflies on gardenia plants recommend insecticides and insecticidal soaps, but there are some other options to consider. Click this article for info on controlling whitefly on Gardenia.

How Much Sun Does A Hibiscus Need?

Hibiscus Sun Requirements

Hibiscus trees are light-loving plants. They generally need at least six full sun hours daily to produce the most and best blooms. Even so, the plant can do well in

What Should I Do With My Croton Plant In The Winter?

Croton plant care in winter

The colorful Croton plant. They are happiest when kept at consistent temperatures between 60°-85° degrees Fahrenheit. Being left in temperatures below 50° degrees Fahrenheit and sudden temperature changes can cause

What Is the Bloom Time For Gardenia?

Flowering Gardenia When is its bloom time?

Gardenia bushes are popular evergreen shrubs from the Rubiaceae family. They’re loved for their glistening green leaves and aromatic white flowers. These flowers typically prefer USDA plant hardiness zones of

What Are The Light Requirements For Gardenia?

gardenia light requirements

Gardenia is one of the most attractive flowers for its heavenly fragrance, snow-white petals, and ability to bear Southern heat.  Although it’s rewarding to watch Gardenias blooming not only once

Why Is My Croton Plant Losing Its Leaves?

What causes croton leaves to fall off

Why does a Croton plant start dropping leaves? We share some of the possible reasons – temperature, humidity, acclimation, disease, pests, lighting, watering? [DETAILS]

Tips On Growing The Pink Double Knockout Rose

Blooming shrub of "Pink Double Knock Out" roses

When the original Knock Out Rose was introduced in 2000, the All American Rose Selection created waves among gardening enthusiasts as the first low-maintenance rose hybrid. As of 2020, there

Can You Grow Knockout Roses In Zone 5?

Rose - Pink Knock Out Zone 5

Cold-tolerant Knockout Rose shrubs are typically winter hardy to USDA hardiness zone 5. With a few extra steps, you may be able to protect your roses in even cooler climates. 

How To Grow and Care For August Beauty Gardenia

Bloom of the popular August Beauty Gardenia

The evergreen, deciduous shrub, August Beauty (Gardenia jasminoides/gar-DEEN-ee-uh jas-min-NOY-deez), is native to Japan and southern China. You may also hear this member of the Rubiaceae family referred to as Cape

Growing The Yellow Knock Out Rose

Full Bloomed Yellow Knockout Rose in Midwest Garden

Knockout roses are a beautiful, lower-maintenance alternative to the classic rose. Easy to grow and not too picky, these beautiful flowers will bloom all season long with no complaint. The

Tips On Growing Knockout Roses In Containers

Pink Double Knock Out rose flower - Deep pink.

Knockout roses are a fantastic, sturdy variety of rose developed by William Radler. Since 2000, when knockout roses became commercially available, they have bloomed in popularity. Serving as an attractive,

Croton Varieties: Different Types Of Croton Plants

Colorful vibrant leaves of different Croton varieties

The Croton plant, aka Codiaeum variegatum (pkoh-dih-EE-um var-ee-GAY-tum), is a colorful indoor/outdoor tropical plant is native to Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India. The word croton is Greek for tick because

When Do Knockout Roses Start Blooming?

Blooming Knock out roses, when do they start flowering?

Knockout roses care is low-maintenance. This hardy rose is an ideal shrub even for gardeners with limited experience. This family of roses produces vivid red, yellow, or pink rose blossoms

Cape Jasmine Care: Tips on Growing Gardenia Jasminoides

Close up green Gardenia jasminoides (gardenia, cape jasmine, cape jessamine)

Cape jasmine is a popular tropical evergreen shrub and perennial flower. It’s grown for its exquisite fragrances and attractive creamy-white flowers. Gardenia jasminoides is from Africa’s subtropical regions, southern Asia,