Do Deer Eat Azalea Plants and Flowers?

Deer and Azaleas

Have you ever wondered if deer eat azalea plants and flowers? The answer is: Azalea plants and flowers have a sweet scent that deer find irresistible. If you have an

Companion Plants For Azaleas

Azalea Companion Plants

Azaleas and Rhododendrons bring huge bursts of color to early spring gardens. Unfortunately, their bloom time is short-lived, so it’s important to surround them with companion plants that will carry

Learn How To Plant Azalea Bushes

blooming Azaleas we share how to Plant Azaleas

Azaleas are small, shade tolerant flowering shrubs belonging to the Rhododendron genus.  Their long-lasting blooms appear in the springtime and provide welcome color in shady gardens.  Success with Azaleas is

Rhododendron Plant: How To Care And Grow Rhododendrons

Colorful Rhododendron flowers

These lines below about a rhododendron plant are from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s well-known poem, “Rhodora,” which refers to the deciduous American species, Rhododendron canadense, with glaucous foliage and many spidery,