How To Save Overwatered Gardenia Plants (if Possible)

Overwatered Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides (gar-DEEN-ya jaz-min-OY-deez) is a high-maintenance member of the Rubiaceae family of plants. This evergreen shrub has shiny green leaves and produces richly fragrant, showy white flowers. It takes

How To Use Coffee Grounds For Gardenia Plants

used coffee grounds for gardenia plants

There’s a lot of misinformation regarding coffee grounds and how they affect your houseplants (for better or worse). This can cause a lot of confusion and concern for more finicky plants such

Tips On Getting Rid Of Gardenia Pests

colony of aphids

Gardenia plants are a popular choice for many gardeners and indoor plant enthusiasts. These attractive plants have blooms similar to roses but are somewhat less fussy. Their heady scent and

Tahitian Gardenia Plant Growing and Care

Tahitian Gardenia taitensis

Tahitian gardenia shrub, flowers every year during the spring and summer months. It is a popular choice for warm-weather gardens. This article shares growing and care details.

Tips on Growing Gardenia Frostproof Plants

Flowering Frost Proof Gardenia

Frost Proof Gardenia is a popular cultivar because it allows homeowners to enjoy the cape jasmine in colder climates. It is surprisingly durable overall and resistant to many common diseases, deer, drought, heat, and mildew. This article shares growing and care information.

What Bugs Attack Gardenia Plants?

gardenia flowers

There’s no denying the beauty of a gardenia in full bloom. Its unique scent is the biggest draw for a generally high-maintenance Gardenia plant. You can immediately tell a person

How To Grow and Care For Miami Supreme Gardenia

Flower of Miami Supreme Gardenia

Miami Supreme Gardenia makes a hedge option. It blooms in the late spring and early summer, with ivory-white blooms resembling roses in their shape. This article shares care information for Miami Supreme Gardenia plants.

What Diseases Do Gardenias Get?

gardenia diseases

There’s no denying the unique scent of the Gardenia, it is the biggest draw for this higher-maintenance plant. Gardenia diseases of all varieties make its care more difficult than roses for many. Click on this article to learn more on controlling gardenia diseases. [DETAILS]

How Do I Treat Whitefly On Gardenia Plants?

Controlling white on gardenia plants

Most treatments for whiteflies on gardenia plants recommend insecticides and insecticidal soaps, but there are some other options to consider. Click this article for info on controlling whitefly on Gardenia.

What Is the Bloom Time For Gardenia Flowers?

Flowering Gardenia When is its bloom time?

Gardenia bushes are popular evergreen shrubs from the Rubiaceae family. They’re loved for their glistening green leaves and aromatic white gardenia flowers. These flowers typically prefer USDA plant hardiness zones

What Are The Light Requirements For Gardenia?

gardenia light requirements

Gardenia is one of the most attractive flowers for its heavenly fragrance, snow-white petals, and ability to bear Southern heat.  Although it’s rewarding to watch Gardenias blooming not only once

How To Grow and Care For August Beauty Gardenia

Bloom of the popular August Beauty Gardenia

The evergreen, deciduous shrub, August Beauty (Gardenia jasminoides/gar-DEEN-ee-uh jas-min-NOY-deez), is native to Japan and southern China. You may also hear this member of the Rubiaceae family referred to as Cape

Cape Jasmine Care: Tips on Growing Gardenia Jasminoides

Close up green Gardenia jasminoides (gardenia, cape jasmine, cape jessamine)

Cape jasmine is a popular tropical evergreen shrub and perennial flower. It’s grown for its exquisite fragrances and attractive creamy-white flowers. Gardenia jasminoides is from Africa’s subtropical regions, southern Asia,