Growing and Care Requirements For Shrimp Plant

The shrimp plant Justicia brandegeana earned its well-deserved name from its normally arching, bronze-coppery flowerheads. It can display masses of blooms all year and is easy to grow. The shrimp plant belongs to

Tips On Mexican Honeysuckle Care

Blooming Mexican Honeysuckles – Justicia Spicigera

Mexican honeysuckles, botanically called Justicia Spicigera (jus-TEE-see-ah, spik-EE-ger-uh), belongs to the acanthus family (Acanthaceae) and are indigenous to the United States – Mexico and South America.  Other Popular Plants from the

How To Grow and Care For Justicia Brandegeeana

Blooms of Justicia Brandegeana (Mexican Shrimp Plant)

Native to Mexico, Justicia brandegeeana [jus-TEE-see-ah, bran-dij-ee-AN-uh] is an evergreen shrub and part of the family Acanthaceae of plants that include: Justicia brandegeeana produces white flowers extending from red bracts