Is The Devil’s Backbone Plant Poisonous?

Devils backbone Eurphorbia growing outdoors

Pedilanthus tithymaloides a broadleaf evergreen succulent hailing from the West Indies. It is commonly known as the Devil’s Backbone plant or Redbird Flower. The plant is a member of the

Sedum Lemon Ball Care

Sedum rupestre Lemon Ball

Sedum rupestre Lemon Ball (SEE-dum rue-PES-tree) is part of the Crassulaceae family of plants, also known as stonecrops or the orpine family. Sedum rupestre goes by many names, such as: 

Is The Flapjack Plant Poisonous?

Attractive Kalanchoe thyrsiflora plant - is it toxic?

The flapjack plant or Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (kal-un-KOH-ee thur-SEE-flor-uh) is a succulent from the Crassulaceae family. Flapjacks are native to Africa, specifically Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland. The Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

How To Get Rid of Aphids on Desert Rose

Control Aphids feeding on Desert Roses

The desert rose, or Adenium obesum, is a popular and striking addition to gardens. It’s hardy, drought-tolerant, and adds a splash of color to any yard with bright green leaves

What Is the Soak and Dry Watering Method?

Watering a cactus-succulent from above

Succulents are easy houseplants to keep alive. Although they don’t need much moisture, you do need to water your succulents. If you’ve ever had a succulent die on you, you

How To Grow and Care For Sedum Angelina

Potted Sedem angelina planted in clay pot

Sedum Angelina (SEE-dum an-ju-LEE-na) is an evergreen, perennial, mat forming succulent native to the mountainous areas of Western and Central Europe. This member of the Crassulaceae family is also called

How to Grow and Care For Aloe Humilis or Spider Aloe

Potted short-stemmed succulent Aloe Humilis plant

Aloe humilis (AL-oh HEW-mil-is) is an evergreen, perennial succulent member of the Asphodelaceae (as-foh-del-AY-see-ee) family hailing from the Eastern and Western capes of South Africa. Its common names include: Spider

Growing Aloe Deltoideodonta: Caring For Aloe Rosii

Potted Aloe Delatoideodonta

Aloe deltoideodonta (AL-oh del-toy-dee-oh-DON-tuh), named for the triangular teeth along its leaves. Deltoideodonta hails from south-central Madagascar. It is a perfect addition for aloe fans who want something on the

Pereskia Care: How To Grow Leaf Rose Cactus

Pereskia bloom - Rose Cactus Barbados gooseberry

When you think of the cactus family, you probably imagine plants with temporary or no foliage. But, the genus Pereskia (per-ESS-kee-uh) is the big exception. The genus consists of 9

Monanthes Polyphylla Care | PlantCareToday

Succulent Monanthes Polyphylla plant

Monanthes polyphylla [mon-AN-theez pol-ee-FIL-uh] is part of a small group of interesting succulents. These succulents grow either in tiny bushes or clumps. They seldom reach 4″-6″ inches in height and

Mammillaria Plumosa Care: How to Grow Feather Cactus

Feathery looking spines of Mammillaria Plumosa cacti

Mammillaria plumosa (mam-mil-AR-ee-uh plum-OH-suh) is a member of the plant family Cactaceae (kak-TAY-see-eye) hailing from Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The plant is commonly referred to as Feather Cactus because of its

How to Grow and Care For Sedeveria Plants

Up close Succulent Sedeveria plants

Sedeveria (SEE-deh-VER-ee-a) is an easy-care succulent and a favorite addition to rock gardens. These small, attractive plants are the result of a cross between Echeveria (ech-eh-VER-ee-a) and Sedum (SEE-dum). This