How To Care For A Jade Plant Outside

Jade plant growing outdoors

Most people think of the Jade Plant as an indoor plant. But Jade will grow outside. The care is a little more restrictive in its conditions than indoor cultivation. But worth it. Use a well draining soil and plenty of light. [MORE]

What Soil Is Best For Aloe Plants?

soil for Aloe plants

One of the most useful plants for indoor growing, aloe is fairly easy to grow and can be quite forgiving. While aloe vera is the best known, most aloe species

Aeonium Canariense Growing and Care

Aeonium canariense

Aeonium Canariense has large, velvety, fleshy, leaves that grow in a formation of green rosettes, this Canary Island Aeonium plant adds terrific visual appeal to succulent gardens. [DETAILS]

How To Root A Jade Plant: Starting A Jade From A Cutting

rooted jade plant cutting

Crassula argentea – the Jade Plant – few plants are as easy to care for as this attractive succulent. In time jade starts to look like a small tree. Click on this article to learn more about Jade plant growing and care. [DETAILS]

Growing Echeveria Setosa: Learn Mexican Firecracker Succulent Care

Echeveria sets the Mexican Firecracker with the fuzzy bristles on the leaves

Echeveria Setosa also known as the Mexican Firecracker, is a fuzzy plant, with urn-shaped flower and yellow tips. The Fire Cracker plant grows in clusters with fragrant blossoms that attract hummingbirds. Click this article for details on growing the Setosa Echeveria firecracker succulent.

Can You Use Fish Emulsion To Fertilize Succulents?

Bottle of fish emulsion fertilizer for succulents

Succulents are a unique group of moisture-storing plants. They are hardy plants requiring little maintenance to stay beautiful no matter their environment. None of this means they’re invincible, though. Owners

My Aloe Plant Is Turning Brown – Why?

Aloe plant turning brown

Aloe vera plants and other Aloe varieties serve as beautiful succulents for any plant owner. With good light, proper drainage, and moderate temperature, the plants are low-maintenance and need minimal

Tips On Watering Haworthia Plants

Potted Haworthia plant

The Haworthia plant (zebra plants) are perfect succulents for any household. They are often enjoyed as window houseplants. The genus of Haworthia contains over 70 species, with 150 varieties from

Succulent Leaves Turning Yellow – Why?

Succulents leaves starting to turn yellow??

Succulents are lovely house plants that are low maintenance and look nice in any room. But sometimes succulent leaves turn yellow. What can be the cause of this? It turns

Learn Thimble Cactus Care: Growing Mammillaria Gracilis

Mammillaria Gracilis (Thimble Cactus)

Mammillaria gracilis [mam-mil-AR-ee-uh, GRASS-il-is] is an attractive succulent native to Central Mexico.  The Mammillaria plant genus has around 300 species of highly variable forms.  A highly prized cactus succulent among collectors and gardeners, Mammillaria gracilis fragilis is loved

Tips on How Often To Water Aloe Plants

Watering aloe plant should be done with care

Overwatering is one of the easiest ways to kill your Aloe plant. Location, lighting, growing container and type of potting soil will all influence the watering schedule. [DETAILS]

Learn Mistletoe Cactus Care: Growing Rhipsalis Plants

Rhipsalis cactus plant Mistletoe

Mistletoe cactus, Rhipsalis baccifera (RIP-sa-lis bak-IF-er-uh) belongs to the Cactaceae family and the Rhipsalis genus. The Rhipsalis plant is a succulent epiphytic cactus (like fishbone, Orchid cactus Epiphyllum and Hatiora) meaning

Euphorbia Resinifera Care: Growing the Resin Spurge

Flowering Euphorbia resinifera up close

Euphorbia resinifera is a low-growing evergreen, succulent. Resinifera has a thick four-sided stem and resembles a cactus but isn’t a cactus.  This plant belongs to the sizeable Euphorbiaceae family. It’s

How To Care For Agave Attenuata | Foxtail Agave

Several Agave attenuate plants growing in the landscape in front of commercial building

Agave attenuata [a-GAH-vee] [at-ten-yoo-AY-tuh] is an unusual succulent belonging to the Agave plant genus and the Asparagaceae family of plants. It’s native to central Mexico in the state of Jalisco

Senecio Aureus Growing and Care

Golden Ragwort, Senecio aureus

Senecio Aureus, aka Golden Ragwort, is an attractive and easy to grow wildflower native to the meadows, bogs, and woods of North America. It grows best in USDA hardiness zones

Tips On Desert Rose Watering

Adenium desert rose in flower with water on blooms and leaves

Desert rose are succulent plants, deciduous shrubs, and a small tree growing 4′ and 6′ feet tall. Botanically known as Adenium obesum, it belongs to the genera Apocynaceae. It’s native

Growing Kalanchoe Beharensis: Caring For The Velvet Leaf Plant

The Kalanchoe beharensis, [kal-un-KOH-ee] [be-HAIR-en-sis], is a slow-growing succulent type. The “beharensis” part references the plant’s native region of Behara in South Madagascar. Kalanchoe Beharensis Plant Facts Origin: Madagascar Family: Crassulaceae

Aloe Aristata Care Tips: Growing The Lace Aloe

Potted Aloe aristata - Lace Aloe by window

Aloe aristata [AL-oh a-ris-TAH-tuh], is a hardy succulent with distinct leaves. In English-speaking countries, these “aloe plants” go by the following common names: Lace Aloe Guinea-fowl Aloe Torch plant The

Agave Colorata Care Tips: Growing The Ash Agave

Desert Tree [Agave Colorata]

Agave Colorata (a-gaw-vee Kol-oh-ray-tuh), also known as Ash Agave or Mescal Ceniza. This Agave plant is a small, shrublike broadleaf evergreen perennial in the Asparagaceae family. This rosette-forming succulent agave

18 Types of Aloe Plants With Images

Different varieties of Aloe

There are many types of Aloe plants in the world. The most popular Aloe, Aloe vera plant (AL-oh vair-uh), Aloe barbadensis comes from the Mediterranean area and the Arabian Peninsula.

Desert Rose Fertilizer and Growing Tips

Flowering Desert Rose (Adenium Plant)

Scientifically known as Adenium obesum [a-DEE-nee-um, oh-BEE-sum], the desert rose is a succulent plant with fleshy stems and bright-hued flowers.  The flowering plant is a species of Apocynaceae genus along with Dipladenia, from the dogbane family.  Sun-loving Adenium plants resemble

Getting Rid Of Aloe Mites (Aloe Cancer)

aloe mite also known as aloe cancer

You’ve heard of the Aloe plant, but how about the Aloe Mite? The Aloe plant is an established favorite for gardeners, new and old. Aloe plants have distinct thick, pointed,

Growing The Black Desert Rose Adenium

Bloom of the Black Desert Rose

Black Adenium Obesum aka Black Desert Rose is a succulent that grows in the desert region of Africa. It thrives in hot, dry conditions and does not require a greenhouse. Beautiful flowers and makes a great bonsai plant. [CARE INFO]

Is Aloe Toxic To Cats?

A cat watches a girl caring for domestic plants

The Aloe plant is native to the Arabian peninsula. This succulent plant flourishes in tropical and arid climates. Aloes are also grown as house plants worldwide. They can tolerate indoor