Tips On Calandiva Plant Care

Blooming Calandiva plant

Calandiva (Cal-lan-div –a) plant is a herbaceous cultivar from the Kalanchoe genus.  It belongs to the Crassulaceae family and is a native to Madagascar.  This … [Read more]

Rhipsalis Cereuscula Care Tips

Rhipsalis cereuscula

Rhipsalis Cereuscula (RIP-sa-lis, ker-ee-USK-yoo-luh) is a shrubby cactus and belongs to the family: Cactaceae.  The small shrub is indigenous to the tropical rainforests of Central … [Read more]

Caring For Crassula Mesembryanthemoides

Close up of Crassula mesembryanthemoides

Crassula Mesembryanthemoides (KRASS-oo-la, Mess-em-bree-AN-them-OY-deez) is a succulent subshrub belonging to the Crassulaceae family, along with Echeveria, Sedum, and Aeonium.  The plant is native to South … [Read more]

Tips On Agave Ovatifolia Care

Agave ovatifolia the whale tongue agave

In the world of succulents, agave ovatifolia (a-GAH-vee, oh-vay-tih-FOH-lee-a) is an evergreen plant identified by its rounded rosette of slightly cupped, broad, gray to powdery-blue … [Read more]

How To Care For Graptosedum California Sunset

Graptosedum California Sunset growing in landscape

Graptosedum ‘California sunset’ is a widely popular succulent plant.  A hybrid cross between Graptopetalum paraguayense and Sedum adolphii, Graptosedum has eye-catching Echeveria-like, compact rosettes in orange color with pink … [Read more]

Caring For Anacampseros Rufescens

Succulent Sand Rose (Anacampseros Rufescens)

Anacampseros rufescens [an-ak-KAM-ser-os, roo-FES-enz] is a slow-growing succulent belonging to the relatively new Anacampserotaceae family of plants.  It’s native to Southern Africa, often growing as … [Read more]