Can You Use Fish Emulsion To Fertilize Succulents?

Bottle of fish emulsion fertilizer for succulents

Succulents are a unique group of moisture-storing plants. They are hardy plants requiring little maintenance to stay beautiful no matter their environment. None of this means they’re invincible, though. Owners

Succulent Leaves Turning Yellow – Why?

Succulents leaves starting to turn yellow??

Succulents are lovely house plants that are low maintenance and look nice in any room. But sometimes succulent leaves turn yellow. What can be the cause of this? It turns

What Is the Soak and Dry Watering Method?

Watering a cactus-succulent from above

Succulents are easy houseplants to keep alive. Although they don’t need much moisture, you do need to water your succulents. If you’ve ever had a succulent die on you, you

How To Make The Best Cactus Soil Mix

cactus soil mix for potted cacti

Growing and propagating your own cactus and succulent plants is a very rewarding process. There’s a lot to love about potted plants of cactus and succulents – they have an

Why Do Succulent Leaves Turn Soft?

soft succulent leaves

Succulent plants or succulents derive their name from the Latin word “succus” which translates to juice.  The fleshy, thickened, or juicy new leaves and stems with water-storing tissues are an identifying

Enjoy Desert Glamour On Your Windowsill

Several varieties of Cactus growing on a windowsill in decorative white ceramic pots

You don’t need a horticulture degree to enjoy cactus and succulents and the beauty of these flowering plants. The language of botany means nothing to many an ardent gardener. The

Succulents You See Them Everywhere Indoors

Assorted variety of succulent plants

All types of succulent plants, you see them everywhere. In dish gardens, terrariums, pots, planters, on patios, even in modern foundation plantings.  Succulents are plants without frills, geared to modern

Are Succulents Poisonous to Cats?

Succulents like these Echeverias are not poisonous to cats

Succulent plants are easy-to-care for, drought-resistant plants with thick, fleshy leaves, stems, or roots as they contain tissues helping them store water.  These are ideal candidates for arid climatic and

What Are The Best Succulent Ground Cover Plants?

Blooing succulent growing as a ground cover

The topic of a succulent ground cover is an interesting one. If you’ve been thinking of using succulents as a water-saving, low-maintenance, easy-care ground cover, you’re in good company. These

What To Do About Cactus Turning Yellow

cactus plant with yellow sunglasses attached

Are your cactus turning yellow? Here’s the deal! Cactus can thrive in very harsh circumstances, but they must be particularly harsh circumstances. Unfortunately, there are many stresses and unfavorable conditions

How To Graft Cacti

In general, cacti will graft pretty easily. Some interesting forms can be produced and created, since almost any two cacti can be successfully grafted. Once you see a few grafted