Euphorbia Resinifera Care: Growing the Resin Spurge

Flowering Euphorbia resinifera up close

Euphorbia resinifera is a low-growing evergreen, succulent. Resinifera has a thick four-sided stem and resembles a cactus but isn’t a cactus.  This plant belongs to the sizeable Euphorbiaceae family. It’s

Is The Devil’s Backbone Plant Poisonous?

Devils backbone Eurphorbia growing outdoors

Pedilanthus tithymaloides a broadleaf evergreen succulent hailing from the West Indies. It is commonly known as the Devil’s Backbone plant or Redbird Flower. The plant is a member of the

Caring For Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow

Euphorbia ascot rainbow plants succulent

Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow is an evergreen, bushy sub-shrub from the family Euphorbiaceae, originating from Australia.  It is well-known for its distinctive variegated foliage and ornamental flowers, which is why it

How To Grow And Care For Euphorbia Lactea

Spiny Dragon Bones Tree

Euphorbia lactea [yoo-FOR-bee-uh, lak-TAY-uh] is a shrub with succulent branches reaching up to 16’ feet.  Euphorbia lactea has many common names: Dragon bones tree Mottled spurge Frilled fan Candelabra spurge

Euphorbia Myrsinites – The Myrtle Spurge An Invasive Plant?

Creeping Donkey tail spurge

The myrtle spurge botanically Euphorbia myrsinites (yoo-FOR-bee-uh myrsinites) is an herbaceous evergreen perennial which hails from southeastern Europe and Asia minor. It is a member of the succulent Euphorbia genus part of the family Euphorbiaceae.

Gopher Plant Care: Learn How To Grow Euphorbia Rigida

Flowering Gopher Spurge - Rigida Euphorbia

Commonly known as the gopher plant, Euphorbia rigida (yew-FORB-ee-ah RIJ-id-ah) formerly known as Euphorbia biglandulosa is a perennial succulent. Other common names include: Silver spurge Upright Myrtle Spurge Gopher Spurge

Euphorbia Neriifolia Care: Growing The Indian Spurge Tree

Euphorbia Indian Spurge Tree

Euphorbia neriifolia (yoo-FOR-bee-uh ner-ee-eye-FOH-lee-uh), more commonly known as Hedge Euphorbia, belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae (euphorbia plants). This euphorbia species has a variety of common names: Indian Spurge Tree Oleander