What Is The Best Desert Rose Soil?

Colorful flowering Desert Rose growing in a good potting soil

So you want to know – What is the best Soil for growing Desert Rose plants? The short answer is a well drained soil. Since the Desert Rose (Adenium obesum)

Is Desert Rose Plant Poisonous or Toxic?

Blooms of the desert rose plant that some consider poisonous

Desert Rose plant (Adenium obesum) is a semi-succulent shrub belonging to the family Apocynaceae that includes Periwinkle plants.  It is grown as an evergreen ornamental plant in gardens and as

Desert Rose Fertilizer and Growing Tips

Flowering Desert Rose (Adenium Plant)

Scientifically known as Adenium obesum [a-DEE-nee-um, oh-BEE-sum], the desert rose is a succulent plant with fleshy stems and bright-hued flowers.  The flowering plant is a species of Apocynaceae genus along with Dipladenia, from the dogbane family.  Sun-loving Adenium plants resemble

Learn How To Grow Desert Rose Seeds

Gorgeous flowers of the desert rose adenium

Is it difficult to grow Adenium or Desert Rose seeds? The answer – NO! They are also fun to discover new flower colors and forms only found in true seed