Elephant Bush: Grow and Care for Portulacaria Afra

Elephant Portulacaria afra

Elephant Bush plant or Portulacaria afra (pronounced por-tew-luh-KAR-ee-uh AF-ruh) is a bushy succulent shrub belonging to the Didiereaceae family. In its native habitat in the eastern part of South Africa and the Limpopo

Pereskia Care: How To Grow Leaf Rose Cactus

Pereskia bloom - Rose Cactus Barbados gooseberry

When you think of the cactus family, you probably imagine plants with temporary or no foliage. But, the genus Pereskia (per-ESS-kee-uh) is the big exception. The genus consists of 9

Monanthes Polyphylla Care | PlantCareToday

Succulent Monanthes Polyphylla plant

Monanthes polyphylla [mon-AN-theez pol-ee-FIL-uh] is part of a small group of interesting succulents. These succulents grow either in tiny bushes or clumps. They seldom reach 4″-6″ inches in height and

Aptenia Cordifolia Care: Growing The Baby Sun Rose

Flowering Aptenia baby sun rose

Aptenia cordifolia (ap-TEE-nee-uh kor-dif-FOLE-ee-uh) is a succulent perennial and member of the Fig-marigold family Aizoaceae along with mid-day flowers and baby toes succulents.  This plant hails from South Africa in

Learn How To Grow Monkey Tail Cactus

Monkey Tail Cactus

The Monkey Tail Cactus the common name for Cleistocactus winteri subsp. Colademononis [Kly-stoh-KAK-tus, WIN-ter-eye subspecies koh-luh-dee-mon-OH-nis] is an interesting member of the Cactaceae family hailing from Bolivia.  This unusual cactus

How To Care For Fishbone Cactus

Blooming Fishbone cactus

Epiphyllum anguliger [dy-soh-KAK-tus, an-GYOO-lih-ger] is a flowering cactus from Mexico, commonly grown for its aromatic flowers and tasty fruit. It is related to the Orchid Cactus. You may hear this

Baby Toes Succulent Care: Growing Fenestraria Plants

baby toes plant with flower

The baby toes plant – Fenestraria (fen-es-TRAY-ree-uh), is a succulent plant belonging to the family Aizoaceae. The plant is native to Coastal South Africa including Namaqualand in Namibia. The plant’s botanical originates from

Caring For Anacampseros Rufescens

Succulent Sand Rose (Anacampseros Rufescens)

Anacampseros rufescens [an-ak-KAM-ser-os, roo-FES-enz] is a slow-growing succulent belonging to the relatively new Anacampserotaceae family of plants.  It’s native to Southern Africa, often growing as a small undershrub or a

Madagascar Palm Care: HOW TO Grow Pachypodium Lamerei

Madagascar palm (Pachypodium lamerai) growing outdoors in clay pots

The “Madagascar Palm” Pachypodium lamerei [pak-uh-PO-dee-um] [la-MER-ee-eye] is a flowering plant native to Africa, the island of Madagascar. The Pachypodium lamerei plant is not a cactus or a palm tree but gets labeled as one. The

Brain Cactus Growing and Care

potted brain cactus (Mammillaria)

Mammillaria Cristata [Mam-mil-AR-ee-uh, Kris-TAY-tuh] is a succulent plant with a distinctive shape.  It forms tight clumps of ascending and erect columnar stems, which resemble a brain or worms.  This Mammillaria,

How To Care For Ariocarpus

Flowering potted ariocarous

The genus Ariocarpus [ar-ree-oh-KAR-pus] is made up of eight different species of perennial cactus belonging to the family Cactaceae.  All are native to Mexico and Texas, where they grow in

How To Care For Fairy Castle Cactus Plants

unusual Fairy Castle Cactus (Acanthocereus Tetragonus)

Acanthocereus Tetragonus [a-kaen-tha-sear-as, tet-ra-gau-nus] is a popular species of cactus.  Formerly known as Cereus tetragonus, the cactus is native to Florida and the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas in

Growing Notocactus: Learn How To Care For Ball Cactus

Blooming Notocactus

You’ve probably seen plenty of Notocactus. These small ball or barrel-shaped plants are among the most popular household cacti. Notocactus scopa pronounced [nee-oh-no-to-KAK-tus sko-puh], is one of the cactus plants

String Of Nickels Plant Care

Hanging basket succulent Dischidia nummularia varigata

Dischidia nummularia (dis-KID-ee-uh num-ew-LAH-ree-uh) which also carries the common names of “string of nickels” or “button orchid” and is one of over 80 species of Dischidia. The Dischidia nummularia plant comes from the Apocynaceae (a-pos-ih-NAY-see-ee)