How To Water String Of Pearls Plants

Watering String of Pearls

There are some pretty bizarre-looking plants, but one of the most interesting has to be Curio rowleyanus, better known as string of pearls. As the name suggests, the plant looks

Why Is My String Of Pearls Dying?

Delicate String of Pearls

Whoever was in charge of designing plants must have gotten bored. One of the bizarre results of this boredom was the string-of-pearls plant. It looks like someone ran a stem

Senecio Aureus Growing and Care

Golden Ragwort, Senecio aureus

Senecio Aureus, aka Golden Ragwort, is an attractive and easy to grow wildflower native to the meadows, bogs, and woods of North America. It grows best in USDA hardiness zones

Growing Senecio Haworthii: Learn Cocoon Plant Care

potted Woolly senecio plant

Native to South Africa, Senecio haworthii [sen-ek-ee-o, hay-WOR-thee-eye] is a perennial dwarf shrub belonging to the Asteraceae family. The cylindrical cacti-like succulent leaves look striking against other green succulents as

How To Care For Senecio Jacobsenii

Succulent Senecio jacobsenii

Senecio Jacobsenii (sen-ek-ee-o, jay-kob-SEN-ee-eye), also known as Kleinia Petraea, is a creeping succulent plant from the Asteraceae or Compositae family.  The plant was previously a part of the genus Senecio. 

Pickle Plant Care Tips: Growing The Senecio Stapeliiformis

Flowering Pickle Plant - Senecio Stapeliiformis

Senecio Stapeliiformis [Sen-ek-ee-o, Sta-pel-ee-ih-FORM-iss], also known as Kleinia stapeliiformis, is an attractive succulent plant perennial which has distinctive pencil-shaped stems with soft spines and purple-green patterns.  This flowering succulent species