Tips On Watering Haworthia Plants

Potted Haworthia plant

The Haworthia plant (zebra plants) are perfect succulents for any household. They are often enjoyed as window houseplants. The genus of Haworthia contains over 70 species, with 150 varieties from

How To Grow and Care Of Haworthia Pumila Plants

Close Up of Haworthia Pumila leaves

The Haworthia (ha-WORTH-ee-a) genus is a small collection of succulents from the Western Cape of South Africa. These, along with Aloes belong to the subfamily Asphodeloideae (ass-fo-del-oy-de-ay-ee), a member of

How To Care For Haworthia Truncata

Unusual Haworthia Truncata plant

Haworthia truncata (ha-WORTH-ee-a, trunk-AH-tuh) is a succulent plant species in the Haworthia genus and Asphodelaceae family. Learn more about the fascinating world of Haworthia Succulent Plant Care. This perennial is

Learn Haworthia Coarctata Succulent Growing and Care

The unique Haworthia Coarctata

Haworthia coarctata [ha-WORTH-ee-a] [koh-ARK-tay-tuh] is a flowering succulent Haworthia species native to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It’s part of the Asphodelaceae family and the genus formerly known