How To Care For Graptosedum California Sunset

Graptosedum California Sunset growing in landscape

Graptosedum ‘California sunset’ is a widely popular succulent plant.  A hybrid cross between Graptopetalum paraguayense and Sedum adolphii, Graptosedum has eye-catching Echeveria-like, compact rosettes in orange color with pink undertones.  It’s an easy-to-grow plant

How To Care For Graptoveria Succulents

Attractive Graptoveria succulent plant

Graptoveria [grap-to-ver-iya] belongs to the family of succulents and is a hybrid of a succulent Echeveria and a Graptopetalum plant.  These showy Echeveria type plants are characterized by bright, wide,

Dudleya Farinosa Plant Care: How To Grow Bluff Lettuce

Powdery foliage of the Dudleya Farinosa aka Bluff Lettuce

Dudleya farinosa [dud-lee-yuh, far-ih-NOH-suh] is a succulent type plant from the stonecrop family Crassulaceae. It’s known by many common names, including: Powdery dudleya Bluff lettuce Powdery liveforever North Coast Dudleya Sea lettuce (don’t