What To Do When Your Agave Plant Blooms?

30 feet tall Agave bloom

When your agave blooms, it is always a special occasion. Your plant suddenly grows these colorful flowers that make your garden space pop with life.  Although it’s always great when

Tips On Caring For Potted Agave Plants

Potted Agave Victoria Regina

A potted Agave is a wonderful, attractive addition to the garden patio or deck. There are many varieties to grow. We look at caring for these popular succulents as potted plants.

How To Care For Agave Attenuata | Foxtail Agave

Several Agave attenuate plants growing in the landscape in front of commercial building

Agave attenuata [a-GAH-vee] [at-ten-yoo-AY-tuh] is an unusual succulent belonging to the Agave plant genus and the Asparagaceae family of plants. It’s native to central Mexico in the state of Jalisco

Agave Colorata Care Tips: Growing The Ash Agave

Desert Tree [Agave Colorata]

Agave Colorata (a-gaw-vee Kol-oh-ray-tuh), also known as Ash Agave or Mescal Ceniza. This Agave plant is a small, shrublike broadleaf evergreen perennial in the Asparagaceae family. This rosette-forming succulent agave

Agave Filifera Care: Growing Thread-Edge Agave Plants

White threads on Agave Filifera plant

Agave filifera (a-GAH-vee fil-LIF-er-uh) is a clump-forming member of the family Asparagaceae (a-SPARE-uh-gay-see-eye). Hailing from central Mexico, this perennial succulent is very similar Agave schidigera (a-GAH-vee ski-DEE-ger-ruh. You can tell

Furcraea Foetida Care: Learn Grow The False Agave

False Agave plant - Furcraea

Furcraea foetida (fer-KREE-uh FET-uh-duh) is an evergreen flowering plant from the family Agavaceae now the Asparagaceae family. It hails from northern South America and the Caribbean. However, Furcraea is cultivated

Learn Agave Blue Glow Growing and Care

Blue Glow Agave low growing hybrid

Agave Blue Glow [a-GAH-vee] is a relatively small sized, slow-growing succulent plant developed at Rancho Soledad Nurseries of Rancho Santa Fe, California by horticulturalist Kelly Griffin. The plant is a

Tips On Agave Ovatifolia Care

Agave ovatifolia the whale tongue agave

In the world of succulents, agave ovatifolia (a-GAH-vee, oh-vay-tih-FOH-lee-a) is an evergreen plant identified by its rounded rosette of slightly cupped, broad, gray to powdery-blue leaves.  This beautiful Agave plant

How To Care For Agave Salmiana Plants

Wide leaf Agave Salmiana growing in the landscape

Agave salmiana (a-GAH-vee, salm-ee-AH-na) is an evergreen succulent, belonging to the Agavaceae or Asparagaceae family and the Agavoideae subfamily.  This fleshy Agave plant species is native to North America, central

How To Grow Agave From Seed

seeds of agave plants

If you aren’t able to find an agave pup, it is easy to grow blue agave and other types of Agave plants from seed. The process isn’t difficult, but it

Types Of Agave Plants For The Garden

Different Agave types in the garden

The Agave Plant is a group of over 200 species of succulents, all hailing from the New World desert or near-desert areas of South America, Central America, Mexico the Southwest United States, and even the Caribbean. These large, tough,

Is The Agave Plant Poisonous or Toxic?

The attractive Agave plant - is it poisonous

Agave plants make beautiful additions to the landscape or when grown as a potted specimen. Have you ever asked – Are agave plants toxic or poisonous? The desert agave or

Agave Montana Care: How To Grow Mountain Agave

Attractive rosette of the Agave Montana (hardy century plant)

Agave Montana [a-GAH-vee, MON-tah-nuh] is an evergreen perennial succulent from the Agave plant family Asparagaceae and native to northeastern Mexico. The plant is called Montana (the Spanish word for mountains)

Agave Vilmoriniana Care | Growing The Octopus Agave

Large Octopus Agave

Agave vilmoriniana (a-GAH-vee vil-mor-in-ee-AY-nuh) is a succulent evergreen perennial agave plant native to Mexico. This succulent is a member of the Asparagaceae family. It is also known as Agave mayoensis. Most