Aeonium Arboreum Growing and Care

Aeonium arboreum plant

Aeonium Arboreum [ee-OH-nee-um ar-BOR-ee-um] hails from northern Africa and the Canary Islands and does well in most coastal settings.  The Aeonium is a member of the Crassulaceae or Stonecrop family.

10 Top Aeonium Varieties to Grow and Collect

Colorful Aeonium varieties

Aeoniums are also known as Tree Houseleeks. They come from a genus consisting of approximately 35 species of subtropical, perennial succulent members of the Crassulaceae family of plants. These attractive

Tips On Propagating Aeonium Plants

Aeonium plants used for propagation

So you’re interested in Aeonium propagation, the unusual succulent plant genus hailing from the Canary Islands. Succulent Aeonium plants often resemble shrubs or bushes, but their claim to fame is

Aeonium Canariense Growing and Care

Aeonium canariense

Aeonium Canariense has large, velvety, fleshy, leaves that grow in a formation of green rosettes, this Canary Island Aeonium plant adds terrific visual appeal to succulent gardens. [DETAILS]

Aeonium Kiwi [Succulent Plant] Growing And Care

Potted Aeonium Kiwi

Kiwi Aeonium haworthii [ee-OH-nee-um, hay-WOR-thee-eye] is native to the Canary Islands and Morocco but now grows in areas with similar climates, such as Southern California.  In temperate regions, it makes