Caring For Delosperma Cooperi

Blooms of Delosperma Cooperi a popular variety of Ice Plant

Delosperma cooperi (del-oh-SPUR-muh koo-PER-ee) is a South African native performing well in the United States in USDA hardiness zones 7 and above.  The plant is an enthusiastically growing, succulent, evergreen

Ice Plant Ground Cover

ice plant growing as a ground cover

The ice plant is the common name of the popular Delosperma Cooperi (Del-oh-SPUR-muh Koo-PER-ee) species. However, there are many other plants called the common name “ice plant”. This drought-tolerant plant

Caring For Corpuscularia Lehmannii

corpuscularia lehmannii plant

Corpuscularia lehmannii [kor-pus-koo-LAY-ree-uh] [lay-MAH-nee-eye] is a compact succulent with thick blue-green leaves.  The species is currently threatened in its native region due to invasive species and habitat degradation.  It’s mostly

Mid-Day Flowers – The Mesembryanthemum

Mid Day Flower

Want to light a floral bonfire? Then try some plants of the mesembryanthemum group (ice plant) in your garden or on your pot plant shelf. Probably no other plants offer

How To Grow Ice Plant Succulents

Here the deal on Ice Plant Care – it is pretty easy! The Ice Plant, is a cold-hardy succulent hailing from Africa of which you’ll find lots of varieties. The