Caring For Delosperma Cooperi

Blooms of Delosperma Cooperi a popular variety of Ice Plant

Delosperma cooperi (del-oh-SPUR-muh koo-PER-ee) is a South African native performing well in the United States in USDA hardiness zones 7 and above.  The plant is an enthusiastically growing, succulent, evergreen

Ice Plant Ground Cover: What You Need To Know

ice plant growing as a ground cover

The ice plant is the common name of the popular Delosperma Cooperi (Del-oh-SPUR-muh Koo-PER-ee) species. The other common names of this deer-resistant plant include: However, there are many other plants called the

Caring For Corpuscularia Lehmannii

corpuscularia lehmannii plant

Corpuscularia lehmannii [kor-pus-koo-LAY-ree-uh] [lay-MAH-nee-eye] is a compact succulent with thick blue-green leaves.  The species is currently threatened in its native region due to invasive species and habitat degradation.  It’s mostly

Mid-Day Flowers – The Mesembryanthemum

Mid Day Flower

Want to light a floral bonfire? Then try some plants of the mesembryanthemum group (ice plant) in your garden or on your pot plant shelf. Probably no other plants offer

Ice Plant: How To Care For Iceplants

Here is the deal on Ice Plant Care – it is pretty easy! The Ice Plant is a cold-hardy succulent hailing from Africa, of which you’ll find lots of varieties.