Tips On Propagating Aeonium Plants

Aeonium plants used for propagation

So you’re interested in Aeonium propagation, the rather unusual genus of succulent plants hailing from the Canary Islands. Succulent Aeonium plants often resemble shrubs or bushes, but their claim to

How To Propagate Aloe Plants

Potted Aloe ready for propagation

Of all the succulents you could grow, aloes are among the most useful. While aloe vera is the most famous, many aloe species hold similar benefits. Aloe gel is an

How To Propagate Christmas Cactus

propagating Christmas Cactus

Schlumbergera (shlum-BER-ger-uh) AKA holiday cacti are so named because they tend to bloom around specific holidays. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Christmas cactus, the name given mainly

How To Plant and Grow Sago Palm Seeds

Sago Palm seeds

Growing Sago Palm seeds is fun and a great learning experience. You will need to be patient. They are slow. Buy or collect fresh seed. Wear gloves when handling. [DETAILS]

How To Propagate Spider Plant Babies

spider plant babies perfect for propagating

The spider plant is one of the easiest houseplants to grow and propagate. They are almost foolproof. This houseplant handles neglect well and grows in a wide range of lighting. Click on this article to learn more on how to propagate spider plants.

A Simple Guide For Snake Plant Propagation

snake plant propagation in water

How to propagate snake plant?  What are all the possible propagation methods?  Which one should you choose?  These are the most frequently asked questions about snake plant propagation I often come