How To Propagate Chinese Evergreen Aglaonemas

Potted Chinese evergreen

Aglaonema (ag-lay-oh-NEE-muh) is a genus of plants you’ve likely seen multiple times. They are very popular houseplants. They are best known collectively as Chinese evergreens. There are between 21 and

How To Propagate Monstera Plants

Leaves of a Monstera plant

Monsteras are among the most beautiful choices for an indoor plant if you don’t mind them rarely flowering. The many species, cultivars, and hybrids of Monstera provide an array of

Tips On Propagating Aeonium Plants

Aeonium plants used for propagation

So you’re interested in Aeonium propagation, the unusual succulent plant genus hailing from the Canary Islands. Succulent Aeonium plants often resemble shrubs or bushes, but their claim to fame is

How To Propagate Aloe Plants

Potted Aloe ready for propagation

Of all the succulents you could grow, aloes are among the most useful. While aloe vera is the most famous, many aloe species hold similar benefits. Aloe gel is an

How To Propagate Christmas Cactus

propagating Christmas Cactus

Schlumbergera (shlum-BER-ger-uh) AKA holiday cacti are so named because they tend to bloom around specific holidays. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Christmas cactus, the name given mainly

How To Plant and Grow Sago Palm Seeds

Sago Palm seeds

Growing Sago Palm seeds is fun and a great learning experience. You will need to be patient. They are slow. Buy or collect fresh seed. Wear gloves when handling. [DETAILS]

How To Propagate Calathea Plants

Attractive Calathea plant ready for propagation

The most common form of Calathea propagation is a division at the time of spring repotting. It is easy to separate these into their own pots and treat them as you would mature plants. Separating young Calathea plants by untangling the roots with your fingers. Other times, you may need to use a very sharp, sterile blade to separate the roots. This article shares details on propagating Calathea.

How To Propagate Spider Plant Babies

spider plant babies perfect for propagating

The spider plant is one of the easiest houseplants to grow and propagate. They are almost foolproof. This houseplant handles neglect well and grows in a wide range of lighting. Click on this article to learn more on how to propagate spider plants.

How To Grow Coleus From Seeds

Coleus multi colored leaf plants

Coleus are bushy and compact herbaceous shrubs from the Lamiaceae or mint family and is native to tropical and subtropical regions from southeast Asia to Australia. This bushy, woody-based evergreen

Should You Be Soaking Seeds Before Planting?

Should you soak seeds before planting helps plants germinate faster

There is a long history of gardeners soaking seeds before planting, but many new gardeners aren’t aware that this trick can decrease the germination time. Soaking seeds before planting can

How To Grow Avocado From Seed Or Pit

growing an Avocado from a seed or pit

The avocado is a great fruit. When they are in season avocados can be frozen for future use. One question we get asked often is how to grow an avocado

9 Steps On How To Grow Agave From Seed

seeds of agave plants

If you can’t find an agave pup, growing blue agave and other types of Agave plants from seed is quite easy. However, even though the seed-growing process isn’t difficult, it

A Simple Guide For Snake Plant Propagation

snake plant propagation in water

These are the most frequently asked questions about snake plant propagation I often come across.  The snake plant or the Sansevieria trifasciata, also notoriously known by its common name Mother-in-law’s tongue, is

Learn How To Grow Desert Rose Seeds

Gorgeous flowers of the desert rose adenium

Is it difficult to grow Adenium or Desert Roses from seeds? The answer – is NO! They are also fun to discover new flower colors and forms only found in

Lemon Tree: How To Grow Lemon Trees From Seed

There is something about the fresh smell of a flowering lemon tree. Lush, dark green, oval leaves shining in the sunlight. Their fragrant, white blooms, sweet smelling and alluring quality

Growing Pansies from Seed

The first important step toward success with pansies is to purchase quality seed from a reliable company. One cannot hope to produce top-notch flowers unless a seed of top quality

Growing Wax Begonias from Seed

wax begonias in assorted colors - pink, white, red

One of the greatest wonders to be seen in this wonderful business of growing plants indoors or out is the sprouting of a brown, dead-looking seed. And even more miraculous