How To Grow Avocado From Seed Or Pit

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The avocado is a great fruit. When they are in season avocados can be frozen for future use.

One question we get asked often is how to grow an avocado plant from a seed. Even though you may never get any avocados to make your lime guacamole dip, it is still a fun exercise to improve your growing skills. Read on to learn more.


Growing An Avocado From Seed

To grow avocado seed you will first need to carefully remove the seed from the fruit. Do so carefully so as to not damage the brown skin that covers the avocado pit.

Gently wash the seed with water to ensure all remnants of the avocado fruit have been removed.

Inspect the pit carefully to determine which end is the top.

How To Sprout An Avocado Seed

For the seed to sprout properly, you will need to make sure that the pointier tip of the seed faces upward. The rounder bottom will be gently submerged in water, where roots will grow.

The Toothpick Method

Stick four toothpicks into the sides of the seeds (avocado pits) at equal distances from each other. Do so at a slight angle downward. These little pieces of wood will support your seed while the roots are growing.

Place the seed on top of a glass of water, with as much of the pit immersed as possible.

You will need to change the water out at least once per week though more is preferable to prevent the growth of harmful organisms such as mold and fungus. Some recommend daily water changes to be sure.

Left – avocado seed held with toothpicks on glass of water to root.
Center and right – young potted specimen after it has begun to grow.

Planting In A Pot

Once it has sprouted and the stem have grown about six to twelve inches in length, you can transfer it to a small pot with a well-drained potting mix. When potting, leave the top of the seed exposed to the direct sunlight. Place it in a sunny location as avocado would love a warm place.

Keep the soil moist, soaking once in a while. If you notice yellowing leaves, cut back on the watering and allow the pot soil to dry for two or three days. Consider an automated watering system if you cannot water daily.

You can take the small fruit tree outside if the weather where you live does not drop below 45° degrees. Otherwise, you will need to keep it indoors. Some people choose to move the plant regularly for best results with their local weather.

Make sure that you inspect it regularly for pests. Unfortunately, aphids love avocado trees and can be quite bothersome. You can use organic neem oil pest control sprays to handle getting rid of aphids.

You can use fertilizer to encourage plant growth, but make sure you purchase the right kind. Speak to the specialist at your local garden center and let them know it is for an avocado tree.

Having one or more tall avocado plants will make your garden more attractive and gives you a great conversation piece.

Other Tutorials To Grow An Avocado Tree

We’ve found several tutorials on growing avocado trees from seed to produce fruit. Between both tutorials you’ll find… step by step instructions, pictures, along with a few pictures to compare you’re progress along the way.

You’ll learn how to grow avocado seeds or pit, along with tips and tricks on how to successfully grow your avocado tree at home. After a short span of time, the family can enjoy the great taste and benefits of this pear-shaped fruit.

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