How To Propagate Peperomia (Baby Rubber Plant)

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The Peperomia plant is a very easy plant to propagate. It is grown from the stem, leaf, or tip cuttings. 

The rooting medium should be very light and airy, and the ends of the cutting should be dipped in a good quality rooting powder. 

Simple, consistent care will produce a healthy new plant quickly.

Choose the Right Rooting Mix For Peperomia Propagation

The best and simplest kind of soil to use as a Peperomia rooting mix is a half-and-half combination of perlite and peat moss. 

This lightweight mixture is affordable and easy to come by and always works well when rooting the Peperomia plant.

Choose the Right Time of Year

The best time for peperomia propagation is in the springtime, just before the growing season begins. 

It is also possible to take cuttings and root them in the autumn when you bring outdoor peperomia plants in for the winter.

Steps to Follow for Peperomia Stem Cuttings

Follow these simple instructions on how to propagate peperomia from stem cuttings:

  • Choose one or more healthy stems with a couple of dark green leaves each at the tip. 
  • Cut the stems off cleanly, just below the joint, using a sharp cutting implement. 
  • Leave only the two or three leaves at the tip of the stem, and remove any lower leaves. 
  • Dip the ends of the stems in a rootone rooting hormone.
  • Prepare a pot or seed tray of rooting medium and position your leaf cuttings an inch apart in the rooting medium by simply poking the stem ends into the prepared potting mixture. 
  • If you want to get fancy about it, use a dibbler (a special tool intended just for this purpose) to make the holes instead of simply poking the stem end into the soil.
  • Water the soil and press it down gently around the cuttings. 
  • If you are planning more than one type of peperomia, or if you simply wish to be sure of remembering which type you are planting, make a label stake to stick into the soil identifying your plants.
  • Poke a few holes in a clear plastic bag and drape it lightly over the pot to help hold in the humidity.
  • Place the pot or tray in a setting with bright, indirect sunlight and a consistently warm temperature between 60° – 70° degrees Fahrenheit (15° – 21° C). 
  • If you’re starting your cuttings in autumn, and you live in a very cool climate, you may need to supply bottom heat to keep the soil warm enough. 
  • Check on your cuttings daily, and lift the plastic bag away for an hour or so to encourage good air circulation and discourage fungal diseases.
  • Within a week or so, roots will begin to form, and you will see new growth emerging from the stems. 
  • Allow the young plantlets to grow for a week or two and then move them into their own pots.
  • Keep in mind Peperomia have very shallow root systems, and the roots are somewhat delicate. 
  • For this reason, you don’t want to use a heavy potting soil mixture for mature plants. 
  • When you transplant your new plants into their permanent pots, choose a shallow container and use a well-draining potting mix allowing good air circulation around the roots.

TIP: If you are only starting one or two Peperomia cuttings, simply root them in their own 3″ inch pots and keep them in these pots until they begin showing signs of needing to be repotted. 

Because these plants do not have a very extensive root system, this size pot will be adequate for quite a while.

What About Peperomia Propagation With Leaf Cuttings

To propagate peperomia using only leaf cuttings, simply choose a few healthy leaves and cut them off cleanly with a little bit of stem still attached. 

Dip this bit of stem into rooting powder and then follow the instructions given above.

What About Growing Peperomia from Seeds?

While it is possible to grow baby rubber plant peperomia from seed, this is certainly not the easiest or most advisable way. 

If you want offspring from an existing variegated plant, you must grow from cuttings. 

Growing from saved seed will result in a non-variegated plant.

If for some reason, you do not have access to a parent plant or you want a specific type of peperomia which is not available in your area, purchase seeds online. 

Be careful to purchase from reputable sellers who have excellent reviews. 

This can help ensure you are actually getting seeds for the type of Peperomia you wish to grow. 

Follow packaging instructions carefully.

Growing Plants from Cuttings is a Valuable Skill

It’s a good idea to be able to root your own cuttings of Peperomia plants as you go along because Peperomia plants tend to become misshapen and straggly as time passes. 

the popular watermelon peperomiaPin
Attractive Watermelon Peperomia

Who wouldn’t want to have another watermelon peperomia?

When this happens, simply discard your old plants and replace them with your new plants, or prune back straggly plants and use the cuttings to make even more new plants to share with friends and family.

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