Iris Borer: Treatment & Control

Iris flowers

The iris borer (Macronoctua onusta) is a species of moth belonging to the Noctuidae family.  It’s found throughout North America and is a common threat to iris plants. Macronoctua onusta

Walking Iris Care: Tips On Growing The Apostle Iris

Flowering walking Iris (Neomarica)

Walking Iris or Neomarica spp. [nee-oh-mar-EE-kuh] plants are herbaceous perennials with elegant glossy-green sword-shaped foliage and stunning blue-and-white fragrant flowers belonging to the Iridaceae family. Out of its several species, the most

Iris Wonderful for Landscape Color

May is the month when landscape gardeners become conscious that irises are valuable hardy perennials for the garden. The tall bearded iris has come a long way from the “flags”