Are Angels Trumpets Poisonous?

beautiful handing Angels Trumpets flowers (Brugmansia)

The Angel Trumpet plant is the common name of Brugmansia Suaveolens or Brugmansia Arborea and is native to South America.  Learn more about Angel Trumpet Care These evergreen plants are

Winter Honeysuckle Care Tips

Flowering lonicera fragrantissima (winter honeysuckle)

Lonicera fragrantissima [luh-NIS-er-a, fray-gran-TISS-ih-muh] is a hardy shrub and often grown as a hedge due to its stiff branches.  It’s part of the Caprifoliaceae (honeysuckle) family and commonly called: Winter

Celandine Poppy Care Tips

Yellow flowers of the Celandine Poppy

Stylophorum diphyllum [sty-loh-FOR-um, dy-FIL-um] is a wildflower native to Eastern North America, including Ontario and the eastern United States.  It’s part of the Papaveraceae (poppy) family and often found growing

Dames Rocket: How To Grow and Care For Hesperis Matronalis

Blooming Dame Rocket (Hesperis Matronalis)

From the mustard family, Brassicaceae comes the Dames Rocket better known as Hesperis matronalis [HES-per-iss, mah-tro-NAH-lis] a herbaceous biennial flowering species.  The flower’s scientific name comes from a Greek-derived genus

Echium Plant Species Growing And Care

Purple Blooming Echium Plant

The Echium plant [ECH-ee-um] has around 70 different species and subspecies. The flowering plant belongs to the family Boraginaceae which includes: Heliotropium arborescens Brunnera macrophylla – Siberian bugloss Nemophila Menziesii –

What Are The Best Shade Flowers?

Torenia (Wishbone Flower) Torneia Shade Flowers

Shade flowers we love them, and it’s good to have a cool and shady setting around your home. However, shade can present challenges if you love to grow flowers and

Leopard’s Bane: How to Grow and Care For Doronicum

Daisy-like yellow flowers of the Doronicum Orientale plant

Doronicum (dor-ON-ih-kum) – leopards bane is a deciduous, spring-blooming perennial that grows from tubers or rhizomes. This herbaceous perennial flower is also known as: Caucasian Leopard’s Bane Plantain Leopard’s Bane

How To Care For The Verbena Plant

Annual flowers of the Verbena plant, good for ground cover.

The verbena plant produces fragrant, good looking flowers that sit atop fern-like foliage with an old-fashioned look and drought tolerant. Verbena plants consist of around 250 semi-woody species with dense

Viola Odorata: Learn Sweet Violet Growing and Care

flowering viola odorata plant

The Viola odorata [vy-OH-la][oh-dor-AY-tuh] is often chosen for its lovely fragrance, which is referenced in the name. “Odorata” means fragrant. The fragrant violet commonly called the “sweet violet,” goes by

How To Grow Double Petunias

The double Petunia from a small beginning has developed into a fabulous flower that puts on a spectacular show all summer. The double varieties now available are remarkably big, and