How To Grow Virginia Bluebells

virginia bluebells

Mertensia virginica (mer-TEN-see-uh vir-JIN-ih-kuh) is a wildflower that grows freely in the flood plains and rich woodlands of eastern North America. It’s a native plant found growing in areas ranging

Do Deer Eat Coneflowers

do deer eat coneflowers

Due to their rumored health benefits, you might have heard of coneflowers (Echinacea spp.). Sadly, there’s no solid evidence they’re beneficial for your body, but they can be pretty helpful

What Are Good Companion Plants For Bee Balm

Bee Balm Companion Plants

The herbaceous perennial, Monarda didyma (mo-NAR-da DID-ee-mah), is a North American native plant and a member of the Lamiaceae (mint) family of plants. Bee Balm is considered a companion plant

Coneflower Companion Plants

Coneflower Companion Plants

There are three major types of gardeners in the world. The first type loves ornamental plants and prefers to grow flowers. The second type likes the reward of growing crop

Growing Swamp Sunflower Plants: Helianthus Angustifolia Care

Blooms of the swamp sunflower - Helianthus angustifolius

Helianthus Angustifolia  (hee-lee-AN-thus an-gus-tee-FOH-lee-us) is a native North American wildflower. Angustifolia grows freely in bogs, flood plains, and bottom lands throughout the eastern and southeastern United States.  This perennial wildflower

Achimenes Plant Care: Growing The Magic Flower

Bloom of the Achimenes

Achimenes plants (a-kim’e-neez) are members of the Gesneriad plant family. There are twenty-six members in this group of perennial plants, all hailing from South and Central America.  You may hear

Growing Sea Thrift Plants: Care Of Armeria Maritima

Growing Sea Thrift Plants: How To Care For Armeria Maritima

Armeria Maritima [Ar-MER-ee-uh Mar-ih-TEE-muh] is an herbaceous perennial plant, belonging to the sea lavender family Plumbaginaceae (blue plumbago). This plant is native to temperate coastal areas and mountains in the

Sweet Woodruff Care: Growing The Galium Odorata

White flowers of Galium odoratum

Galium odorata (GAL-ee-um oh-dor-AY-tum) is an herbaceous perennial groundcover that is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. This member of the Rubiaceae family is a hardy, low-maintenance plant that

Learn How To Grow Statice Flower

Bllooming statice flower

Limonium sinuatum (lim-OH-nee-um sin-yoo-AY-tum) is an herbaceous perennial hailing from Western Asia, North Africa, and Europe.  It does well in Mediterranean regions. It is a member of the Plumbaginaceae family. 

Learn How To Grow Trientalis Borealis

Flowering Starflower - Trientalis borealis

Trientalis borealis (try-en-TAY-lis bor-ee-AL-is) is a wildflower native to the woods and forests of North America where it is found in birch and tamarack bogs, rises in sandy swamps and

Calluna Vulgaris Care: All About Growing Common Heather

blooms of the Calluna Vulgaris (aka Heather Plant)

Calluna vulgaris [kal-LOO-nuh, vul-GAIR-iss] is the sole species encompassing the Calluna genus. A part of the flowering plant family Ericaceae, this perennial plant has several common names, including: The plant is native to

Perennials for The Oceanfront

White Crinum lily blooms

Growing plants on an oceanfront is the most challenging task for any gardener.  The soil in these areas is completely arid.  Moreover, the wind blows constantly and delivers salty, burning

Fragrant Perennial Flowers

Viola one of many fragrant perennials for the garden

Whether you have a manicured garden or a cottage-style garden, adding beautiful flowering plants with sweet fragrances will enhance its beauty.  Fragrant flowers can add another layer of richness in

Mullein Plant Care Tips

Blooming Verbascum - Mullein plant

Verbascum [ver-BASK-um] is a genus of flowering plants containing about 360 different species.  These plants belong to the figwort (Scrophulariaceae) family. Verbascum plants mostly come from Asia and Europe with

Caring For Itea Virginica

Itea virginica in bloom

A native throughout much of southern North America, Itea virginica (eye-TEE-ah, ver-JIN-ih-kah) owes much of its success to the wide USDA hardiness zone range it tolerates.  It belongs to the

Caring For Blue Mist Shrub [Caryopteris X Clandonensis]

Purple blooming Caryopteris clandonensis

The botanical name for the Blue Mist shrub is Caryopteris x clandonensis (kar-ee-OP-ter-iss, klan-don-EN-sis) a mounded, fairly low-growing perennial deciduous shrub sporting scented foliage and clouds of delicate blue flowers

Perennials That Make Striking Ground Covers

Phlox make a striking ground cover

Perennial ground cover plants are invaluable in landscaping.  From filling out empty spaces and adding texture and interest to the garden to stabilizing slopes and limiting weed growth, these low-growing

Tips On Antennaria Plantaginifolia Care

Flowering Antennaria Plantaginifolia (Pussytoes)

Antennaria Plantaginifolia (An-ten-AR-ee-uh, Plan-tagini-fo-lia) is an evergreen perennial adding charm to any type of garden.  This plant is from the Asteraceae (Aster family) and belongs to the Antennaria genus. It is

Learn How To Grow Patchouli Plant

Tiny Blooms on the Patchouli plant

Patchouli is a popular herb, known for its strong scent and beneficial essential oils.  The botanical name for the plant is Pogostemon cablin, pronounced [po-go-STEE-mon] [CAB-lin].  It’s part of the

Caring For Ocotillo Plant

Blooms of the Ocotillo plant

Ocotillo plant, bearing the botanical name Fouquieria splendens (foo-KWEER-ree-uh, SPLEN-denz), is a shrub species from the family of desert plants, called Fouquieriaceae. The plant is native to the southwest United

Tips On Dragon’s Tongue Plant Care

Dragon's Tongue - Hemigraphis Repanda

Dragon’s Tongue, also called Hemigraphis Repanda (hem-ee-GRAF-iss, REP-an-duh), belongs to the Acanthaceae family and is native to Malaysia and India.   The first half of the scientific name “Hemigraphis” is

How To Care For Lewisia Cotyledon

Blooming Lewisia Cotyledon

Lewisia Cotyledon (loo-ISS-ee-ah, kot-EE-lee-don) is a flowering plant species and belongs to the Montiaceae family (purslane).  The evergreen perennial is indigenous to Southern Oregon and Northern California, where it grows

Learn Strawflower Care and Growing Tips

Flowering Strawflower Everlasting Flower

Xerochrysum bracteatum [zer-oh-KRIS-um, brak-tee-AY-tum] is an herbaceous perennial known for its daisy-like flowers.  Also called the strawflower or everlasting flower, it can grow as an annual in the right regions.

Viscaria Flower Care Tips

Pink flowers of the Silene Viscaria

The flowering Silene Viscaria [sy-LEE-nee, vis-KAR-ee-uh] is an upright perennial with rosy-pink blooms. Perennials are those flowers that come back every year. It’s found in a variety of areas throughout Asia

Caring For Spigelia Marilandica

Blooms of indian pink

Spigelia marilandica (spu-GEEL-ee-ah, mar-i-LAND-ih-ka), also called Indian pink, belongs to the Loganiaceae family.  It is an herbaceous perennial and is native to the Southeastern United States, widely found in Missouri