Caring For Spigelia Marilandica

Blooms of indian pink

Spigelia marilandica (spu-GEEL-ee-ah, mar-i-LAND-ih-ka), also called Indian pink, belongs to the Loganiaceae family.  It is an herbaceous perennial and is native to the Southeastern United States, widely found in Missouri

How To Grow Trailing Rosemary

Trailing Rosmarinus Officinalis Prostratus

Rosemary is a member of the mint or Lamiaceae family. It is a type of perennial herb hailing originally from the Mediterranean.  There are several different varieties of Rosemary, and one

Learn How To Grow Jerusalem Sage

yellow flowers of the jerusalem sage

Phlomis fruticosa (FLOW-miss, froo-tih-KOH-suh) is a drought-tolerant, perennial flowering shrub hailing from China, the Mediterranean, and parts of eastern Asia.  This summer-blooming shrub is a member of the Lamiaceae or

Learn How To Grow Penstemon Beardtongue

Blooming beard tongue - Penstemon

Penstemon [PEN-stem-on] is a genus of herbaceous perennials containing about 250 species.  Most of these plants are native to the Nearctic region and parts of North America. The variety of

Caring For Purple Passion Plant

Purple passion plant

Gynura aurantiaca [jy-NYOOR-uh, aw-ran-ti-AYE-kuh] is a woody based evergreen perennial hailing from Indonesia and Java and is a member of the Asteraceae family (composite).  Its common names include: Royal Velvet

Caring For Astilbe Plants

Flowerng False Goat's Beard (Astilbe Plant)

Astilbe [a-STIL-bee] is a genus of approximately 25 species and hundreds of hybrids of herbaceous perennials belonging to the Saxifragaceae family.  These rhizomatous flowering plants are popular for their tall,

Caring For Pachysandra Terminalis

Pachysandra Terminalis (Japanese Spurge)

Pachysandra terminalis [pak-ih-SAN-druh, term-in-AL-iss] is an enthusiastic groundcover hailing from Japan and north-central China.  It is the most commonly grown of five different varieties, all of which require the same

Caring For The Shooting Star Flower

Flowers of the shooting star plant (Dodecatheon Meadia)

The shooting star flower – Dodecatheon meadia [doh-dek-ATH-ee-on, MEE-dee-ah] is a charming plant and is widely available for cultivation across the United States.  Native to North America, dodecatheon meadia belongs

How To Care For Anise Hyssop (Agastache Foeniculum)

Flowering Agastache Foeniculum - (Anise Hyssop)

Anise Hyssop aka Agastache Foeniculum [Ah-GAH-sta-kee, Fin-ICK-yoo-lum] is a perennial plant species in the mint family Lamiaceae that includes horsemint, Lamium, and meadow sage.  It is native to northern and

How To Grow And Care For Solomon’s Seal

Blooms of Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum Odoratum)

Solomon’s seal plant – Polygonatum Odoratum [Po-lig-oh-NAY-tum, Oh-dor-AY-tum] is a perennial plant in the Asparagaceae family along with: Yucca elephantipes and Yucca gloriossa Sansevieria trifasciata and Sansevieria cylindrica Agave attenuata

Learn To Grow The Evening Primrose Plant

Yellow blooms of the Evening Primrose Plant (Oenothera Fruticosa)

Oenothera Fruticosa [Ee-no-HEE-ruh, Froo-tih-KOH-suh] is a flowering plant species in the Onagraceae family.  It is a native perennial to eastern North America, mostly growing in different open habitats, including moist

Lamium: How To Grow and Care For Dead Nettle

Lamium flower aka Dead Nettle

Lamium maculatum (LAY-mee-um mak-yuh-LAH-tum) is a stoloniferous perennial that’s one of the fifty species of Lamium in the Lamiaceae or mint family. These cousins of mint are mostly native to

Meadow Rue Care: How To Grow Thalictrum Aquilegifolium

Flowering Meadow Rue - Thalictrum Aquilegifolium

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium [tha-LIK-trum, ak-wil-egg-ee-FOH-lee-um] are known for their gorgeous showy flowers and are a part of the buttercup Ranunculus family Ranunculaceae.  These Eudicots are native to temperate Asia and Europe. T. aquilegifolium also naturalizes

Foam Flower Plant: Tiarella Cordifolia Growing And Care

White blooms of Tiarella Cordifolia -Foamflower

Tiarella cordifolia (tee-ah-REL-lah kor-di-FOH-lee-uh) is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial wildflower with dense clumpy foliage and billowing spikes of bright white flowers.  This member of the Saxifragaceae family of plants is

Blue Delphinium Care: All About Growing Tall Larkspur

Blooming Blue Delphinium

Blue Delphiniums [Del-fin-ee-um] are perennial wildflowers of around 300 different species. All a part of the Buttercup family (which include Ranunculus and Clematis) and are native to the Northern Hemisphere. Part of the

Sea Lavender Plant Care: Tips On Growing The Limonium

Sea lavender flower (Limonium) popular in flower arrangements

Limonium latifulium [lim-OH-nee-um, lat-ih-FOE-lee-um] synonymously known as Limonium platyphyllum [lim-OH-nee-um, plat-TY-fil-um] is a flowering clump-forming perennial. Famous for its showy flowers, the plant type is commonly known as: Sea lavender Perennial statice

Tecoma Stans: How To Grow and Care For Yellow Bells

Bright yellow flowers of Tecoma Stans Secondary Kw: Yellow Bells

Tecoma Stans is a perennial flowering shrub known for its highly attractive and bright-colored flowers from the (trumpet vine) family Bignoniaceae. Also in the family is Tecomaria capensis the orange cape honeysuckle. It’s

Primula Vulgaris Plant Care: How To Grow Primrose

Cream colored blooms of Primula Vulgaris (Primrose Plant)

A harbinger of spring, Primula vulgaris [PRIM-yew-luh, vul-GAIR-iss] is a flowering semi-evergreen perennial belonging to the Primulaceae family. It is synonymously known as Primula veris var. acaulis L and is known for bearing masses