Marsh Marigold Care: How To Grow Caltha Palustris

Yellow flowering Caltha Palustris

Caltha Palustris [KAL-tha pal-US-triss] (Caltha palustris L) is a wildflower belonging to the Persian buttercup family (Ranunculus and Ranunculaceae). The Marsh Marigold is no relation to the actual marigold plant,

Cimicifuga Racemosa: Growing and Care Of Black Cohosh

Flowering Cimicifuga Racemosa Black Cohosh

Cimicifuga racemosa [sim-iss-SIFF-yew-ga, ray-see-MO-suh] is the former name of Actaea racemosa. It’s one of the 2,252 known flowering species of the family Ranunculaceae, commonly known as the buttercup family. Cimicifuga

How To Care For The Forget Me Not Flower

colorful forget me nots plant and flowers

The Forget Me Not flower, by any other name would not be so sweet to gardeners, nor would the other numerous little blue forget me not flowers affectionately given the

20 Favorite Perennial Flowers For The Garden

20 perennial favorites

There are many perennial flowers you can plant in your garden. Below we’ve put together a list of 20+ perennial flower favorites that are unfussy, long-lived, and year after year

Butterfly Weed Care: How To Grow Asclepias Plant

blooms of the butterfly weed - Asclepias plants

The herbaceous perennial Asclepias tuberosa (a.k.a. Butterfly Weed or BUtterfly Milkweed) makes an excellent addition to any garden and is especially suited to butterfly gardens. This beautiful, blazing native plant

How To Care For A Shrimp Plant

Question: On a trip to Disney World we saw a landscape bed of “Golden Shrimp Plant.” Can the plant be grown indoors and will it flower? Or should it be

10 Perennials You Can Easily Grow From Seed

The thought of starting plants from seeds scares many home gardeners. They think it takes great skill or special equipment. Truth is… starting seeds in just like elementary school… easy.