Do Deer Eat Petunia Flowers and Plants?

Petunias and Deer

Petunias are pretty and sweet smelling and have lush, green leaves, so many gardeners seeking to grow them wonder if deer will eat petunias. The simplest answer is that deer

How To Get Rid Of Aphids On Petunias

Petunia bloom with Aphids

So you want to get rid of aphids on petunias? For the most part, petunias grow without facing significant challenges from pests.  As with other things, there are exceptions to this.

Tips For And How To Deadhead Petunias

flowering petunias produce more blooms with deadheading

Pruning petunia flowers is often a necessary task for promoting longer blooms.  The process of pruning or pinching the flowers is called deadheading. Petunia is a genus of flowering plants

How To Grow Double Petunias

The double Petunia, from a small beginning, has developed into a fabulous flower that puts on a spectacular show all summer. The double varieties now available are remarkably big and