What Is Lantana Depressa And How To Grow It

Growing Lantana Depressa

With a few exceptions, lantanas have proven to be increasingly popular in the southern states. These perennial plants from the Verbenaceae family are often used as borders and groundcover and

When And How To Fertilize Lantana Plants

Fertilizing Lantana

Rugged, colorful Lantana is an easy-care tropical plant that has made itself at home in many locations throughout the United States and worldwide. It can easily be grown as a

What Is Lantana Urticoides And How To Grow It

Growing Lantana Urticoides

Lantana urticoides (lan-TAN-a ur-tih-KOY-deez)  is a plant member of the Verbena (Verbenaceae) family.  It has many names, and you may hear it referred to as:  Lantana horrida var. latibracteata Lantana

What Is A West Indian Lantana And How To Grow It

Growing West Indian Lantana

West Indian Lantana is a species of shrub verbena (Verbenaceae family of plants) that is also commonly called:  Common Lantana  Lantana Red Sage  Shrub Verbena  Umbelanterna Spanish flag Yellow Sage

How To Grow and Care For Yellow Lantana

yellow lantana

Lantanas are known for their colorful clusters of flowers, but few have found the same success as the Lucky Series of Lantana camara (lahn-TAHN-ah kah-MAR-ah). In this series are three

7 Reasons Why Your Lantana Is Not Blooming?

lantana flower

The Verbenaceae family has a wide range of flowering plants that are home and garden staples in landscaping. Beyond the namesake verbenas, there are also genera such as Lantana (lan-TAN-a)

Is Lantana A Perennial Or An Annual?

flowering Lantana

Lantanas, aka shrub verdanas, are popular flowering plants belonging to the Verbanacaea family. The genus includes around 150 species, and many variants and cultivars. Their native tropical ranges are in

Why Are The Leaves on My Lantana Turning Yellow?

Lantana leaves and blooms

Within the Verbenaceae family, only the 150 or so lantana species have earned the nickname of shrub verdana. Alongside its numerous varieties, hybrids, and cultivars, lantanas are highly prized for

Tips On Growing And Care Of Lantana In Pots

growing lantana in pots

Lantana plant’s beautiful colorful blooms and sweet fragrance make it an absolute favorite among many insect pollinators, including bees and butterflies. It also attracts hummingbirds and other types of nectar-eating

Is The Lantana Poisonous Or Toxic? The Answer!

Lantana Plant Poisonous

Lantana camara (commonly called Lantana) is a member of the Caprifoliaceae or Verbenaceae family and native to tropical settings such as the Caribbean, South Africa, and Malaysia.  The plant has

Purple Trailing Lantana Care Tips

Blooms of the Purple Trailing Lantana

Lantana montevidensis [lan-TAN-a, mon-tay-vid-EN-sis] is a low-growing shrub spreading up to 10′ feet across and only reaches about 18″ inches tall.  This cascading Lantana is commonly called purple trailing lantana