New Guinea Impatiens: How To Plant, Care For And Grow

flowers of the New Guinea impatiens

More than 1,000 different species of impatiens make up all but one species in the family Balsaminaceae (the other is the monotypic, or single-species genus, Hydrocera triflora). Out of this wide-ranging genus comes Impatiens

How To Make Colorful Beds With SunPatiens®

SunPatiens® is a more vigorous variety of “impatiens” a popular color choice in the garden for decades. SunPatiens® sometimes called “sun impatiens” perform in full sun or shade, high heat,

How To Grow and Care For Impatiens Plants

There are many different kinds of Impatiens (im-PAY-shuns) plants throughout the northern hemisphere and in tropical settings. Ornamental species of Impatiens are native to Asia and Africa. These are Impatiens