How To Prune Impatiens: Tips On Cutting Back Impatiens Plants

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Impatiens is an excellent flowering plant for a shady setting. They make good filler as a shady garden bedding plant, and they do well in areas where other plants may struggle to survive.

These cheerful, colorful plants are relatively easy to grow; however, Sunpatiens and New Guinea Impatiens tend to become leggy plants. When this happens, your plants may topple, look scraggly and bloom less. This article shares tips to help keep your Impatiens plants pruned for the best blooming performance.

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Impatiens is a very popular plant because it is very low maintenance. Regular, occasional deep watering will keep the plant happy. Couple this with a regular pruning schedule, and you have an attractive and pretty groundcover.

Toward the middle of the growing season, your plants may begin to look a little bit leggy. When this happens, you’ll want to prune away the leggy growth and old flowers to stimulate new growth and new flowers.

Pruning Impatiens: How Do You Cut Back or Trim Impatiens?

You should pinch off or deadhead blooms throughout the growing season as they begin to fade. Additionally, regular pinching of the center leaves of stems will help encourage your Impatiens plant to bushier growth.

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In mid-summer, your plants may experience a growth spurt that causes them to look unkempt. When this happens, you can prune the entire plant back by as much as 6 “inches tall. Don’t take your plant lower than 3” inches high.

As you prune your plants, pay close attention to the leaves in the center of the plant. When you trim these, your plant will produce more side shoots and have a fuller appearance.

Propagate New Impatiens Plants From Healthy Cuttings

When you pinch back or prune your Impatiens plants, keep the healthiest trimmings to use for propagation. This is a great way to save your healthiest, best, and favored plants from one summer to the next. 

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Just place the cuttings in good soil and care for them as houseplants through the winter months.

When overwintering Impatiens cuttings, be sure to place them in a consistently warm area where they will receive plenty of bright, indirect sunlight. Water judiciously throughout the winter months.

Always Use Clean Hand Pruners

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Remember to clean your scissors or garden shears before pruning. Wipe the pruning blades with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol or other disinfectant solution in between plants. By doing so, you prevent spreading disease from one plant to another.

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