New Guinea Impatiens: How To Plant, Care For And Grow

flowers of the New Guinea impatiens

More than 1,000 different species of impatiens make up all but one species in the family Balsaminaceae (the other is the monotypic, or single-species genus, Hydrocera triflora). Out of this wide-ranging genus comes Impatiens

Annuals for Fragrance

Sweet Alyssum (white flower) fragrant

The best garden is one that engages all your five basic senses – sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.  When setting up a garden, most of us consider adding plants

How To Care For Nigella Flower

flowering nigella plant

Nigella damascena [ny-JELL-luh] [dam-ASK-ee-nuh] is an annual flower in the Ranunculaceae (buttercup) family.  It’s native to Europe, southwest Asia, and northern Africa.  The plant often grows in damp areas and

How To Make Good Soil For A Garden

Woman working in garden turning soil

Picture to yourself an enormous factory manned by innumerable workers, each one assigned to his task of converting raw materials into more finished goods. Each worker toiling endlessly, never off

How To Grow and Care For Globe Gilia

flowering globe gilia (Gilia capitata)

Gilia capitata [GEE-lee-uh, kap-ih-TAY-tuh] is an annual wildflower producing pretty, blue puffball like flowers and member of the Phlox family. It is native to North America, growing naturally in many

Bacopa Plant Care: How To Grow Annual Sutera Cordata

Flowering Bacopa (Sutera Cordata)

Sutera cordata [SOO-ter-uh kor-DAY-tuh] known as the Bacopa plant [buh-KOH-puh] is an attractive, creeping annual plant hailing from the rainier regions of South Africa and belongs to the family Scrophulariaceae.

Snapdragon Care: Tips On Growing The Snapdragon Flower

colorful snapdragon plants in full flower

The snapdragon plants –  Antirrhinum majus [an-TEE-ry-num MAY-jus] are old-fashioned plants native to the Mediterranean. Snapdragons add a great deal of color, charm, and fragrance to a sunny flower garden throughout the

Growing China Aster: Caring For Callistephus Chinensis

Colorful China Asters in full bloom.

China Aster – Callistephus chinensis [kal-LISS-teff-us chi-NEN-siss] is a member of the Asteraceae (ass-ter-AY-see-ee) family. The plants’ genus name refers to two Greek words: “kalli”, which means beautiful and “stephos”,