Do Zinnias Come Back Every Year


Easy-care, easy-grow Zinnias produce abundant double, semi-double or single blooms throughout the spring and summer. Planting them from seed or seedlings is a simple task, and simpler still is the

Are Zinnias Poisonous To Dogs

Zinnias and Dogs

There are some wonderful flowering plants, but some of the more popular ones are a genus of shrubs known as zinnias. These plants are well-known for their bright flowers, often

What Are The Different Types Of Zinnias?

Different Zinnia Types

If you want colorful, versatile, easy-growing annuals for your spring and summer veggie beds, flowerbeds, and pollinator gardens, you can’t go wrong with the different types of Zinnias. These cheery

Zinnia Companion Plants

Zinnia Companion Plants

Zinnias are a lovely, easy-to-grow genus of annual plants which provide a touch of color to any space they’re planted in. However, you might not have known that the many

Creeping Zinnia Care: All About Growing Sanvitalia

Bright yellow flowers of the Creeping Zinnia (Sanvitalia)

A part of the Asteraceae family, the Sanvitalia [san-vi-TAY-lee-uh] genus of flowering plants produce small daisy-like flowers. The genus name “Sanvitalia” honors Frederico Sanvitali, a noted 18th-century Italian botanist. There